Saved €1200 on my Z7


Jan 31, 2019
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I always have photographed with two bodies since my FM2 days and before that my Pentax Spotmatic days. I find the cutdown on lens changing beneficial in many ways, not least the sensor dust problem. I will be able to hike with the 24-200 and 14-30 ready for use without lens swapping on windy dusty mountain footpaths. The 24-200 on one body and the 24TS or 14-30 on the other, will make photography more fluid when I am "doing" monuments.

So it was time to add a second Z7. I went to the shop with the intention of getting the Z7ii , but they had a second hand "as new" Z7i with 500 clicks at €2200. It seems the Z7i at least has not got a great SH value. As the lack of a second slot and the other improvements in the Z7ii do not interest me, I plumped for another Z7i. So I hope I have saved myself €1200,with no real operational loss when using the camera.

The point of my thread is that I cannot understand why the SH price of the Z7i is so low, I see them on the web SH even cheaper at times. I cannot really find any real major difference between the two looking at the speck sheet. Is that second slot so vital? Is the autofocus so bad; it has been fine for my usage on my first body.

The last owner sold it after 500 clicks, to get the Z7ii. I am perplexed and happy at the same time.
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