SawFly larva on my Loosestrife

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  1. Man these tiny guys (.5 inch) were all over my Yellow Loosestrife. Easy to pick but hard to identify. I always worry I am wiping out some exotic moth or butterfly. Finally I googled "caterpillars on yellow loosestrife" ( How great is the Internet!

    Shot with my Sigma 105 and Kenko 35mm tube.



  2. Nice shots! #3 is my favorite!
  3. tojor


    Jul 27, 2005
    Cool shots. You came really close. #3 is my favorite too.
  4. Try this method. The first set of legs are the Thoractic Legs and they are in 3 pairs and total 6 then this shows it is an insect.

    Now count the next set of legs. These are called the Locomotive/Locomotion Legs. If there are only 3 pairs then it is a butterfly or moth. As bl**dy usual there is are exceptions but they are the 'Loopy Caterpillars.' :confused:

    HOWEVER. If there are more than 3 pairs of locomotion legs then it is not a butterfly or moth. Your image shows that this larvae has at least 7 pairs of L. Legs.

    I hope this helps.

    Bob F.
  5. Perfect, your posts are great!
  6. That is most kind.

    I must say that I really enjoy giving out snippets of information, and to think that I am retired ACCOUNTANT!!:biggrin::biggrin::eek::eek:

    LOL Bob F.
  7. Looks so cute, especially in the first photo.
  8. Are you old enough to have watched the "Addams Family". This fellow reminds me of Uncle Fester. :smile:

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  9. Sure....ummmm, but just in re-runs :tongue:
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