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SB-28 off-camera?

Discussion in 'General flash photography, lighting, and technique' started by ShaunK, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. I just ordered my second SB-28 in preparation for my lighting kit... but until I order my stands/umbrellas/RF wireless, is there any way other than my SC-29 cord to use my SB-28's off-camera? I have also an SB-800 and a D70s... I just read the SB-28 manual, but it does not have any reference to a slave mode etc. on the SB-28. Thanks!
  2. Of course you can get a cheap optical trigger, but I much prefer the inexpensive Chinese radio triggers sold on EBay. Just slip the small transmitter on the camera hot shoe and hook the receiver to your speedlight and you're good to go.

    They come in several "flavors". I like the 4 channel ones which have both a hot shoe mount and a PC cord port. The hot shoe mount is a little shaky and the speedlight gets pretty tall with the receiver beneath it, so I generally mount my SB-26's on a stand and Velcro the receiver to the strobe, hooking the two together with a short (12") PC cord, also available for cheap on EBay.

    Check out Strobist.com and the related Flickr discussion group for a full understanding of off camera lighting and a billion posts related to the EBay triggers. Some people have had trouble, but I have had nothing but perfect reliability with my several sets, for which I paid around 30 bucks/set.

  3. Thanks, Bob. I knew that was one way to fire them, and I am getting ready to order some of the 16 channel e-bay triggers... I was just wondering if there was any other way short of those radio triggers that I could do with the flashes now... while I am waiting to order to lighting kit. :smile:
  4. PC cords? But you'll spend more on PC cords and the appropriate connectors than you will on your RF triggers PLUS you'll have all those wires running around everyplace.

    Or you could get a cheap peanut type optical slave, but the cheap ones take a while to arrive too, so I'd say just wait. Your triggers will be there soon.
  5. Thanks, Bob.
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