SB-28 or SB-80 for strobist kit ?

Sep 6, 2006
Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada
Last weekend, I was at my sister's to photograph her cats and kittens. A friend of mine lent me his portable kit consisting of 2 of each SB-28, lightstands, cactus triggers and umbrellas. I'm thinking about seting my own kit myself and I'm wondering which of the SB-28 or the SB-80 I should go after for this kit ?

I know the basic features of both but I am wondering if some features from one model are more desirable than others. My budget is limited so that's why I'm not looking to go with CLS and SB-800's and SB-600's though I currently own an SB-600 and intend to keep it.

I've thought about the Vivitar 285 HV too. It is really a workhorse but I find them less flexible than the more modern Speedlights.

So what do you guys think. SB-28 or SB-80 ?
Jan 30, 2007
Denver, CO
sb-80dx for the optical slave, backup if the RF transmitters dont work. i hate the vivitars, so slow to recycle.
Aug 15, 2007
Kalamazoo, MI
I am by no means a flash expert, more a dabbler. I've successfully used my sb-80dx off-camera in slave mode, with my sb-400 mounted on a D50. I didn't get an sb-600 since I don't even have a flash commander, and the sb-800 was out of my price range. The sb-80dx is quite powerful, more so than the sb-600 and nearly equalling the sb-800. The aperture metering when using it in the hot shoe isn't bad either, and when doing that I use a Better Bounce Card, which works great after a bit of tweaking.

Note that if you use it as a slave, the on-camera flash has to be set to manual as well so that the iTTL preflash doesn't prematurely fire the slave.

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