SB-600 shooting distance table - (pg 27) how to read?

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  1. Hi all
    as per the manual for the SB-600, shooting distance table. (pg 27)

    If I select f/2.8 @ ISO200, how far will the flash reach pls? the table states a value of 1.8-20m for 85mm zoom head setting

    If anyone can lay out law of the land re. that confusing table, it would be most appreciated :)

    TIA for your assistance.
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  2. sorry about the bump, have rephrased the Q. since posting originally.
    Hope this is clearer now.
  3. fks


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    hi kevin-

    start with your ISO at the top row, go down that column to your aperture, then go across to the right to find the distance (it's dependent on the zoom head position).

    for ISO200 at f/2.8 and zoom at 85mm, you'll need to look at two rows above the highlighted row (or the fifth row from the top). per the table, max is 20m as you said, so you are reading the table correctly.

    i wasn't aware that the SB-600 (i don't have one) doesn't show the distance range like the SB-800 does.


  4. nicky, thanks. I can get to the result - it's the result that's confusing me.
    it states 1.8-20m or 5.9-66feet.

    That's a huge difference from 1.8m to 20 isn't it?
    And is that then saying it can safely cover that distance when using TTL (ie flash will tone down or power up where required to reach eg 20m)?

    IOW, I just need to operate within the range as given? (I presume this is true)
  5. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    hi kevin-

    you're correct. the flash can throttle down to a low-enough level at the closest distance, and then go full power to light up the farthest distance. it's shortest distance is roughly 1/11th of the farthest distance, so your SB-600 can throttle down to 1/11th of full power.

    just set your aperture and fire away. i-TTL will adjust the exposure depending on the distance to your subject.


  6. Actually due to the Inverse Square Law it won't go down to just 1/11th power but to 1/11th squared, i.e. 1/121 which fits in roughly with the minimum 1/128th power on manual.

  7. brilliant! I feel better about it all now, thanks guys (us technically challenged are greatful) :D
  8. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    hi ronnie-

    my bad, i stand corrected :smile:


  9. thanks ronnie, ricky.
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