SB-80 DX issues with D80/D200

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR' started by Philinnz, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. I used an SB-80DX with my D100 and never had a problem till the flash stopped working. Off to get it serviced and while it was gone I invested in an SB-800 as well. The flash came back and works fine with the D100 on all the ASA settings. OK I have also invested in a Fuji S5 (its based on a D200 - so don't shoot me). The SB-800 of course works fine but the 80DX only displays ASA100 no matter what mode I use, manual, automatic. I know there are issues with dTTL and iTTL but that is not the concern - just the ASA reading.

    I took it into the camera shop and was surprised when they told me the SB-80DX does not work with newer cameras, the D80 and the D200! The manuals say they can be used albeit not with iTTL mode. When they put it on a D80 it only read ASA 100, on a D200, the same, but on a D2X no problem.

    Does any one else have a D80 or D200 and also the SB-80DX?
  2. The shop is right. The D80 and D200 only support iTTL and not dTTL where the SB80DX only supports dTTL. The D2X supports both iTTL and dTTL.

    The manuals say you can use manual and non-TTL auto but it looks like you have to set the ASA yourself. I get the same result when I put an old SB25 on my D70.

  3. well there you go! thanks, I never knew I could set the asa manually, so I dug out the manual and there it is. Turn the flash off, turn it on, the asa flashes and press + or - until it balances the camera
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