SB-80DX working with SB-800

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  1. Hi mates!

    I have a good opportunity to buy a used SB-80DX in mint condition. I try to find some information about it on the internet but I don't find one crucial question for me... The SB-80DX will work in TTL mode in wireless mode commanded by the SB-800, like my SB-600 does? I know the SB-80DX doesn't have the i-TTL mode, but it has wireless capabilities.

    Thanks 4 all!!
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  2. The SB80DX will not work wirelessly with the SB800 in iTTL mode. It will only work in SU-4 mode which means you need the SB800 in A or M mode and not TTL.

  3. I understand, they only works wireless in iTTL mode... Not even as slave??
    I'm right??

    Thank you
  4. The SB80DX is NOT compatible with the iTTL mode of the SB800 even as a wireless slave. Only the SB600 or another iTTL or CLS compatible flash can be used as an iTTL slave.

    The only way you can use the SB80DX and the SB800 together is with the master in M or A mode and the remote slave in SU-4 mode(also M or A). In fact it won't make any difference which way round you use them in SU-4 mode. Either can be master or slave.

  5. I have been using the SB-80dx with the SB-800 in slave mode manual. It will work, it's just not iTTL. The SB-800 can be set on TTL BL or even TTL BL FP, at least it works for me.

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