SB-900, D3, 105VR & Tata

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  1. Cute Chichuahua. First use of SB-900. Tough subject - black and white dog at 3 foot range. No other processing than a little for-the-web sharpening

    I love this flash! :Love:


    Other shooting spoof

    Lg JPEG, 51 Pt AF, 105VR, VR on, F4 @ 1/60, Matrix meter, ISO 200, no NR, Active D-lighting on, Zero Camera and Flash EV, D900 (TTL-BL)
  2. You'll love it more if you get it off the hotshoe :wink:.

    Jmho, but I think you're a little short on DOF for this composition.
  3. I agree about the DOF and the hotshoe.:frown: BUT those blood-shot eyeballs are great! :rolleyes: Just a grab shot really, but I wanted to see if the flash was everything I had heard about it yesterday in the shop...
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    Know where to download maual for SB900?


    Anyone know a site to find this manual? Would love to read it before the flash arrives.
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    At least your four SB-800s went to good homes :) It was nice meeting you today.
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