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  1. Im trying to get my sb-900 to fire in SU-4 mode with pw's no luck.

    I get a sound that it triggers, but no light emitted.

    If i press the "test" button on the sb-900 it flashes, but if press the test button on the PW all i get it a beep, but no flash.

    I have several sb-800 that works with the cables and units i have.

    On camera it works, with su-800 it works.

    Did i get a faulty sb-900.. or am i doing something wrong ?

  2. You don't need to put it in SU-4 Mode.

    Connect the PW to the SB-900 via PC Sync on the flash and the Flash port on the PW.

    Now, set the SB-900 to "Manual" and now it will trigger, the SU-4 is a built in optical slave, for the PW, you just need to set your flash to manual, and not in SU-4 or commander mode.
  3. Also when you test it, you need to push the test on the transmitting PW, do you have the PW Plus2?

    The test button transmits, so when testing push the test button on the transmitting PW not the one connected to the flash.
  4. LOL im not sure what kind of state im in, thanx for that.!!!:redface:

    No sleep and no breakfast will do that i assume.:tongue:

    Iv been trying all morning... almost smashed the damn thing. my sb800 usually are in SU-4 mode, and when i connect a PW to them they work without switching over to manual.

    Thanx again for clearing things up lol.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 27, 2008
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