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Scary experience with MacBook Pro battery

Discussion in 'Apple/Mac' started by Rich Gibson, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. My grand kids were over yesterday and played a bit with the 17" MBP. They didn't turn it off; of course it's set to sleep, but I also have a USB laptop cooler under it. This has happened many times in the past few years with normal operation.

    Today for some reason when I went to turn it off I noticed it was half on the cooler. When I turned it over to my shock it looks as if the batteries began to self destruct swelling up to extreme. There are three packets inside which have blown up as if they were inflated popping the computer battery case out of the MBP and ripping the metal cover apart. :eek: 

    Of course they're replacing it under Apple Care, but I wonder what might have happened without the cooler underneath. They wanted me to mail the battery back to them but I'm reluctant to put anything that got THAT hot into any distribution system. I would guess they're fully discharged now but you can't be sure they're safe. They're going to let me return it to a store; they can decide how to deal with it from then on.


  2. EEEEEK!!!!! That looks REALLY scary, Rich! Oddly enough, I just read on MacRumors yesterday a post from someone else who had similar problems with his MBP battery, too. I hope that this isn't signalling the need for another major battery recall such as we had not too long ago for the 15" MBP......

    It's a good thing you keep the machine on the laptop cooler all the time! I have mine on one as well, and when I leave the house for any substantial period of time or when I'm going to bed at night I turn the machine totally off rather than let it sleep.
  3. holy cow, rich
    that is horrible

    i have never changed the battery in my G4 powerbook 17"
    i better look at it later
    not sure why i haven't

    thanks for bringing this to our attention
    good luck
  4. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005
    My MBP did the same thing. Apple replaced the battery for me. When it happened to mine it warped the laptop case too. They fixed that as well.
  5. There were some problems with the intel MacBook Pro batteries (15") and Apple issued a recall -- that was a while back -- but I haven't heard of any issues with the older Powerbooks. Apple accidentally sent me a second new battery so now I've got two of them for my 15" MBP! Too bad I don't travel frequently on long airline trips with it! Whenever I get around to selling that machine it will be nice to have the second battery to offer as well. I do hope that there aren't going to be issues now with the batteries in the 17" MBP!!
  6. exactly the same thing here
  7. For the record the serial number on the battery is 6N6220KDUS0A
  8. I had the excat same thign happen her too Aplle made good on the replacemnt
  9. I swapped it out Monday; thank goodness for Apple Care (although I suspect they might have eaten this one under the circumstances) expensive but worth it in the long run.
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