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Scotland gives way to Kentucky

Discussion in 'Miscellany' started by pictureted, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. Have they not been using Oak Barrels from Kentucky to age their Scotch forever. So they jumped the fence a little, wise choice in the act of science...........
    As a young lad, my wife worked for a dentist, he went on vacation and she took me to the lab so she could catch up on a few things, me being nosy I found a bottle of Ethyl Alcohol at 200 proof, 100% alki, for testing purposes I had a nip, after dilution, did make my eyeballs spin..........:confused: 
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  2. Nice lighting. Good job on the shot.
  3. And, the verdict is . . . . .?
  4. "Great" is a slippery appellation. A very good bourbon (from one of the oldest distilleries in the US) is Buffalo Trace. And it is a bargain. Here in Colorado it is around $22 for a 750 ml bottle. Give it a try.
  5. Scotch still wins. I like the up-front character of the bourbons, but prefer the finish on Scotch. They won't go to waste, none-the-less, and Cafe Members are welcome and always get a taste.
  6. Next time we are in CA I'll take you up on your kind offer.
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  7. I was going to reply that true Bourbon can only come from Kentucky. I decided to check that fact and it turns out to be incorrect. True Bourbon is a product of the United States. It is true that 85% comes from Kentucky, but coming from Kentucky is not the criteria.

    Is It Still Bourbon If It's Not Made In Kentucky?
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