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Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk Day

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aqualung, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Anyone participating in the Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk Day 23 Aug?

    It's a marketing tie-in to his Lightroom @ book (some prizes involved), but looks like a lot of fun.
  2. He's coming to Dallas too - if at all possible, I may go.
  3. his office is 1 mile from where i sit
    i am honored to care for his children, as their pediatrician
    scott and his family are some of the nicest people on earth
    i have learned a lot from him
    but..... more than that, i am very happy to be his friend

    i hope that many will participate
  4. general


    Apr 30, 2005
    Great Idea

    but unfortunately I will have just left for Europe. Have fun!
  5. Boston is already full, there are only 50 spots for each city, I believe...

    Greg, that's pretty cool, he does seem like a great person.

    Ah, there are some cities there!
  6. DanWhite


    Jul 10, 2005
    Lansdale PA
    Thanks for the link Chris, I just signed up for philly.

  7. ugodrainville


    Mar 13, 2008
    I registered for the Michigan Ave walk...Glenview was already full...and way too early!
  8. I just hope my name is on the list for Dallas!
  9. Chris,

    Hartford is open! :)  Only 1 person registered so far, that's only about an hour and a half for me. Maybe I'll talk hubby into coming along (to wear James and push Emilie) so I can shoot. It's ending at Steam city brewery (yum yum!). :biggrin:
  10. genera


    Oct 6, 2005
    LOL :smile::biggrin:
  11. rlacy


    Apr 22, 2007
    San Diego
    Sent an email to sign up for the walk in San Diego, but not much info on the website about details. Got a reply that I was registered and details would follow. Looks like it could be fun!


  12. that would be fun, Gretchen, Hartford does have some neat places (I grew up very close)....and the brewery sounds great!
  13. That's a terrific idea. In fact, it's such a good idea that it's worth stealing. :373: Who needs Kelby? Let's take his approach and make it our own. We have plenty of members, and a perfect location to announce Nikon Cafe Walk-Abouts. :biggrin:

    How about (borrowing liberally from Scott's faq) anyone can elect themselves as a Walk Leader. Their responsibility will be to choose the time, the starting place and the basic route. They also get choose the ending place where we can wind down after the shoot, look at photos from the day, and meet fellow Cafe-Aholics in person.

    But the key will be to merchandise the event, so that locals can sign up. The Leader should start a thread titled, <Name of City> Cafe Walk-About in this forum or the Places to Shoot forum, and then plant links to it in the popular forums. Perhaps the Cafe would provide some assistance in the form of a temporary global sticky.

    We've actually had a number of mini-Cafe Walk-Abouts, with 3 or 4 members getting together at venues like the SF zoo and Santana Row. They've always been great fun, and would be even more so if we could get more of the 30 or 40 South Bay members to participate.
  14. ugodrainville


    Mar 13, 2008
    So now comes the big question...not having an Ultra Wide Angle lens...I would rent one for the event...

    The Tokina 12-24/4, Nikon 10.5/2.8 fisheye, Nikon 12-24/4 (the Tokina 11-16 is OoS until the 26th...)
  15. I signed up! Sounds like a good way for me to meet some new friends in my new city! YAY!
  16. tintingkc

    tintingkc Guest

    Thanks for the link! Just signed up.

    Sonyam... There are a lot of great photographers in the area that are good people too. It starts at a great place to shoot in KC so should be a lot of fun.
  17. vinman


    Nov 15, 2006
    Upstate SC
    I signed up for the Atlanta walk. There were two spots left by the time I got my confirmation! Should be interesting, at least :) 
  18. I'm glad to hear that! (and you know what I look like, so be sure to say hello!).....you need an avatar, LOL!
  19. There are cities all over Europe included in this event. Check the cities list, and if there is still room, go ahead and sign up if it fits into your schedule.

    I imagine it would be fun to join a group as a foreigner even if (or perhaps especially if) you were not familiar with the local culture/language.
  20. YIIIPPEEEE!!!!! I"m a going! We'll be doing downtown Dallas! Don't have much in gear, but I'm taking the 18-200 VR and the 50mm, guess da body will be the D200. This is gonna be fun! So who else is going and what gear ya takin?
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