Scrapbooking software?

Discussion in 'Retouching and Post Processing' started by Mitchell, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. Anyone have any suggestions for scrapbooking software for my wife. I realize you can do this with Photoshop, but she would like an easy program with built in scrapbooking tools.

    Ideally I would like something that will make a photo quality 8x10 image that can then be printed.

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    I may be sooooooo far off base with this that it is not funny. But I use a program called, FlipalbumCD.

    Not sure it is what you are after, but thought I would advise you anyway. I have been sooooo far off lately it ain't funny......LOL

    If it is not what you were looking for, then by all means just ignore me, as my wife usually does.....LOL.

  3. Mitch...Adobe Photoshop Elements is inexpensive and does a really nice job with the scrapbooking.

    Byron..You are too funny as usual. Good to see you still have a good sense of humor. I was really missing it.
  4. Bruin Backer

    Bruin Backer Guest that what that is?......Somebody forgot to tell me that, most people I know say it is just my stupidity.....LOL

    However you want to view it is O.K. with me long as it makes us smile...

    Happy Holidays back at ya.