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  1. Here are a few shots I am going to erase. There is no easy way to contact them or find out who they are. Some were practice shots to set up my camera for a cross country meet. I went to shoot a soccer team and they had canceled the game, kind of forgot to tell me, so since I was out there anyway, I figured I might as well practice.

    This kid won the meet with a 15:17 time on a 5K. D300 f3.5 70-200VR.

    ISO 1600 shot with the D300 (f3.5 70-200VR)- no noise reduction. NR low in camera. You can easily see the noise with pixel peeping, but at the size someone might print I did not think it was bad.

    This one comes from a group that may sell. I offered to shoot these for a high school team. I donate some of the proceeds back to the team. $3.99 for a 4x6. The AD supported me, handed out cards, lots of announcements - no sales. According to one Dad, if he wants pictures of his kid, he'll take them himself. I asked him if he took any shots of his daughter - he said no. Such is life. (I know I'm whining, it felt so good to do that though :smile:) Raining above, but the sun coming through the edge of the clouds.

    Here are a couple of practice shots. D700 with a 70-200 VR. f2.8. Overcast day.

    D300 with a 300 f2.8 and 1.4TC 420 at f4.
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