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Discussion in 'People' started by JD Photography, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. JD Photography

    JD Photography

    Aug 4, 2006
    I work with Sean, last week he asked me to do a shoot with him. Not exactly sure what he's using the photos for...



    Thanks for looking.
  2. Great background.

    The problem is, as a photographer, you have to know what the pics are for. This will guide you and the model through the whole shoot.

    First pic: Be careful with the hands. A hand has 5 fingers and all 5 have to show or otherwise it may look very bad to almost scary. No jokes! Look at his right hand and concentrate on it. At a certain point it really starts to look scary. His left hand is almost fine because we see a hint of his thumb.
    In the second pic, we don't see his hands at all and that's no good.
    And his tie knot is butched :smile:
  3. As already been mentioned, knowing the usage/goal for the image is crucial for the shoot.In this case i might just have been a casual portrait of you friend?

    If thats the case, since you know him do you think you captured him ?

    If so then id say your halfway there.

    Over all i find it a ok image, but room for alot of improvements (not major one) to make it sing.

    As been mentioned the hands and the tie.-)

    Also the powerstance might work for a shot in a large office space enviorment for ceo. (maybe he is)

    But instead of standing square, i would have his left should pointing towards the camera at an slight angle this would give more depth to the image.

    first shot is quite a bit underexposed, the focus should be on the model and not the bg. so i would rather blow some highlights in the bg to get a well lit face. I usually compensate with a 1 f-stop for dark skintones like he seem to have. (me included .-)

    He is a good looking bloke, so if you could get an idea of what he wants the image to convey your job will be alot easier (part of this is offcourse your job as a creative phototgrapher)

    Also dont forget to convert your images to srgb for web, both these images are in Adobe RGB.
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