Seattle Area in June

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  1. glll


    Jan 10, 2007
    Dumas Texas
    We are going to be flying into Seattle 6/9/07 and rent a car, our plans are to see the water front and spend a day there, then acrosss to Port Angeles and get a room and spend a day at Hurricane Ridge, then LaPush working around and back to Everett by Sat for a family reunion, then going up north maybe Friday Harbor,
    I was wondering if anyone knew of some good places to stay, last time we went to LaPush we almost had to sleep in the car, finally found a room. The last time at Friday harbor we took a whale watching tour and it was like a cattle boat way to many people and too few photo ops, so was looking for a more personal whale watching boat, maybe one that caters to photographers.
    anyways Just wondering if anyone might know of someplace,