Seattle's All British Field Meet - Cars!!

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  1. Went to the ABFM in Seattle this past weekend. It's a combination car show and swap meet for all British-built cars and enthusiasts. Although many are "drivers" some are really beautiful works of art. I took along the D80 and the 12-24 only this time. The weather was so-so, but I think I got a few nice shots.

    We'll start off with some of my favorites ... a classic Jaguar XK-E.




    View attachment 108670


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    There were some older Rolls Royce's on display as well.

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    An "original" Mini Cooper Woody


    A late 40's MG


    Anyone interested in going on a camping trip with this Land Rover?

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    Among the newer cars present were some Mini's (now from BMW)

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    And these ... the Ariel Atom. I'm not sure how they get past the safety regs, but these are licensed for the road. I've seen them on drives and rallies cruising along. Supposed to be very fast. Use a Toyota engine as I recall. Probably not so good on a rainy day!!

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    Finally, the good news and bad news. Personally, if I won the lottery I'd be out buying an Aston Martin just as soon as I could get to the dealer in Seattle. Most beautiful cars in the world, in my opinion. Here's one that was for sale by the dealer ... the good news is the lovely exterior:

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    But, now the BAD news. Someone "customized" the interior including green velour fabric!! Ugliest thing I have ever seen!! I didn't think it was possible to make an AM look bad ... until I saw this:


    It was a great show and I think the 12-24 did an excellent job!!


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  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Some very unique cars and set ups

    Nice shots
  3. Hi Ken.

    Nice shots indeed.

    Just for the records: the Ariel Atom is powered by Honda engines, taken from the Civic Sports-version.

    About 160 to 220 bph meeting less then 700 kilogramms weight - should be great fun ...


  4. I had thought the Atom's engine was either Honda or Toyota so guessed. Well, it turns out perhaps we are both wrong!!

    According to the US website, they have moved to a Saturn ION engine from GM! Supercharged, with versions up to 300 bhp!! Yikes!!


  5. nice shots, I had one of the new MINIs and loved it, but sold it so I could get my digital kit. those green velour in the AM, so sad :wink:
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