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Second weekend of fun in Idaho

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by F15Todd, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. F15Todd


    Feb 1, 2005
    Okay this is my second weekend living in the state of Idaho. As some of you might recall I was not wild about the idea of moving here, but in two weeks of being here I have had two first in a lifetime for me.

    The first was last weekend. I can only describe what I had as snot coming out of my eyes. Went to the emergency room at get some drugs to clear up PINKEYE. Having lived in many different parts of the world and never having pinkeye before I can only assume this was a rare potato variant. Five days of eye drops, three times a day did the trick and now my eyes are okay.

    Now on to this weekend. We had just got done with an awesome dinner (I need to post the dish on out meal thread) when a nice police officer rings the bell and tells us we need to evacuate out house because of a wild fire burning out of control near the neighborhood.

    As soon as I opened the door you could smell the fire and see the sky was filled with smoke. A few hours later the all clear was given and I can't wait until the sun comes up tomorrow to see how close the fire really got.

    The items I took with me on the evacuation.
    1. Nikon D2h
    2. Nikon D70
    3. Cell phone
    4. 17-35mm
    5. 28-70mm
    6. 70-200mm
    7. TC-17E II
    8. 18-70mm
    9. Epson P-2000
    10. 3 1-liter bottles of Aquafina water for me, Monica and Bailey
    11. A pair of underwear
    12. SB-800
    And I really thought about grabbing my computer tower as I walked out the door.

    Man I can't wait for next weekend, IDAHO ROCKS :!:
  2. Todd, it does sound like you are having quite an adventure at your new residence. IDAHO ROCKS!!.....LOL!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I do hope everything gets better for you and your environment. Hang in there!! :D  :D  :D 
  3. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    But Todd what about all those wild animal pics you posted for us. Wasn't that a bit nice to see.

    But I can understand. Trying to get used to someplace new is really hard.

    They really should have sent you to Hawaii.

    Hope you are feeling better and will get used to your new home soon.

    I really do feel bad for ya.

    Like your list of things to take in a hurry :>)))))
  4. faenix


    Jun 21, 2005
    Bayside, NY
    I'm assuming you were stationed there? My uncle (who's German) was stationed in many places including as Gale said, Hawaii. He was also in Baltimore, Belgium, Germany to name a few. It's great how you grabbed your camera equipment first. It's even greater that nothing serious happened.

    Hope Idaho becomes better for ya!
  5. Maybe you're just getting all the crap out of the way right away. Now you can have months of peace and calm! :) 
  6. (funny how he never mentions that he grabbed the kids, too!! Hmmmmmmmmmmm *LOL*) We photographers do have our priorities ;) 
  7. F15Todd


    Feb 1, 2005
    One more to add:

    Since our big stuff like beds have not made it here yet, we have been sleeping on air-mattress...guess what got a leak in it last night :evil:
  8. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    The terrible things people have to endure...if the air-conditioning breaks, I'm thinking it's time to bail out of there!!! Are you living there by choice or are you stationed there? Being a mid-westerner and never having been to Idaho...I guess I am curious what draws folks there. I am in no way being disrespectful...not by any means, I have never been there and have no concept of what the area has to offer. I'll bet it is beautiful country though...maybe a slower pace, clean air, wildlife like crazy and cheaper gas prices?????

    Well...hopefully you are on the upswing and things are going to get progressively better...we'll keep our fingers crossed!
  9. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    Todd :

    What can I say, other than, "Welcome to the West !"

    We've had some doozy fires here in New Mexico over my years here, blowing dust that darkened the sky, lightning storms where I've seen trees hit and explode the next yeard over, snow, hail, and floods.

    I wouldn't live anywhere else.

    Hint for the future - duct tape will patch air mattress leaks...

    John P.
  10. Yep - It can only get better from here.

    Hang in there.
  11. maybe the next thing will be a curse and a blessing.....like maybe a plane will crash in front of your home but it will be a soft crash and be full of all the nikkor lenses that you don't have :) 

    it can definitely only get better....way better
  12. So it was YOUR fire that caused all the smoke in my side of the state on Saturday!!!! :D  :D 

    Well, I hope that Idaho soon gets better for you. I really don't know much about your side of the state. Have only been to Boise a half dozen times in my life. I have no family there and there are other larger cities closer to us than Boise. Hope you can survive the heat. I've heard it has been really hot in your side of the state. Life will seem much better when you get your furniture. Your own bed will make all the difference in the world.

    I guess all I can say is, enjoy the beautiful parts of the state while you are here. I know there are some great mountains in your area. You really should see the Sawtooths, they are just as beautiful as the Tetons without all the tourists.

    Here is a spot in the Sawtooth range that we love to visit every year--Redfish Lake.


    Good luck--I'm not trying to be pushy--just encouraging

  13. Todd I have to wonder, does grabbing ONE pair of underwear indicate an immediate need or what were you thinkin?????
    Glad you all are safe. You think Idaho Rocks, come to virginny!
  14. I hear the potatoes are awesome. :wink:
  15. I always thought I'd like to visit all 50 states at one time or another, until now. The list now got smaller. 8)

    All I can say is two words: Good Luck!
  16. Todd,

    I am going on two major trips in the next 6 weeks. One to Paris for fun with the wife and another to Alaska with the guys for some fishing. I know I'll need an Epson P2000 or something like it. What are the + & - of the Epson P2000?

    I shoot a D2x and all readers don't view D2x NEF.
    The Epson web page doesn't make it clear if the P2000 does. I know you shot D70 & D2h but maybe the manual says. Haven't found one in stock to read the manual.

    P.S. To Dave W. (The car business is so bad in Detroit I thought I would leave town for a few weeks and stay away from sharp objects and high places LOL)
  17. Laughing with you Dan. The p2000 reads D2x fine and is great. Just can not zoom in on an image, no biggy really.
    I am still delighted with my coolwalker but the extra 10GB might be usefull where you are going.
    have safe voyages, both.
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