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Secret Buildings You May Not Photograph, Part 643

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by alexf, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Hmmmm--maybe we ought to have big, bold, glow in the dark signs that say "Secret Government Building--DO NOT Photograph" plastered on all sides. After all, we photographers are a pretty mindful crowd.

    I wonder if Goggle Earth is also in trouble for having and sharing photos fo DARPA et al.!?????:rolleyes: 
  2. lbhs_rwb


    Oct 16, 2006
    Nah, google earth whites out any buildings that the govt requests..for instance, try looking at the white house...
  3. Interesting ... and just today I used MS Live Maps to find a couple of the (still active) Minuteman ICBM launch control centers I used to work at. Showed them to our 8-year old son. Guess we better not do that again, huh?

    (The site I found, near Judith Gap, Montana, was clearly visible including the helicopter pad with a big white "H" on it ... no attempt at all to hide it)

    On a more humorous note, since we knew the USSR had spy satellites taking pictures from overhead, some of us thought it might be funny to one night paint a series of concentric white and black circles on the top of the building just to give their poor intel guy something to laugh about!!:smile: We didn't, of course.


  4. It is truly unfortunate that "Common Sense" has left our collective vocabulary. Some of the actions on the part of legitimate Law enforcement and their "wannabee" brothers can probably be attributed to poor training and guidance. These folks are to some extent not ready yet to play in a world where there are real security issues that should be dealt with.

    I am far more interested in our government agencies having the ability to collect intelligence in order to " connect the dots " and not be hampered by some organizations "hell bent" on preventing that. Being able to prosecute after the fact might play well in some circles, but I would rather see that the crime is not committed in the first place
  5. Ptchfork


    Jul 8, 2007
    New York City
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  6. My wife has to go to those sites frequently. She's a project manager for refurbing all the HVAC in the Minuteman silos.
    On her last trip she was there on a "just in case she's needed" basis and was made to sit in the car
    outside the fence and wait. Now here's the really absurd part. In spite of her having all the secret clearances etc. she was
    not allowed to go through the gate and use the port-a-potty that was next to the guard's hut.
    She could stand 5 ft. from it, on the wrong side of the fence, but not go in and use it.
    She had to either find some bushes (not many at Minot) or drive quite a ways to a gas stations.

    I'm all for security but just like some of the other no tolerance rules that abound they take things too far.

  7. Trust me, Don .. in the old days (70's) when I was the Combat Crew Commander on duty, I would have figured out a way to make her "comfortable." There are ways ...

    Sorry to hear she had a problem. There's no excuse.



  8. kevin.sinn

    kevin.sinn Guest

    Not whited out for me

    Well, I looked at the White House, The Pentagon, and everything in between. Not sure where you got this info but - at least on my version of Google Earth - nothing is blocked out or whited out.

  9. Ditto, everything seems 100%. I've found several sites in the Netherlands that are edited out, but I haven't found much else.
  10. lbhs_rwb


    Oct 16, 2006
    Weird..a while a go when I wanted to see the white house and such, there was a white rectangle over the white house, and other places of importance.
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