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Seeing the photo...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sunesha, May 6, 2007.

  1. Sunesha


    May 3, 2007
    Malmoe, Sweden
    I think alot about how making the photo. Especially the challenging ones. How do I make this view/subject to come out the way I feel and experience it. I guess it is down to some things. I can some times make a interesting composition. But then the focus kinda get lost from the subject/view. It just makes it "square" and not dynamic.

    Sometimes the colors are duller and space isnt what I remember. Sometimes just the 3 d view is just not compatible with 2d. Merging stuff together and the depth and grand feeling of size get lost. Then I just tip tap toe around and magic angle just appear where the depth and size is there. But then just again the view and place was lost. I get frustrated start to shooting in every possible angle, tilting and standing on my bicycle.

    Illumination is thing that I think my eyes sees better then the camera. Especially that kinda structure illumination from reflection off a color.

    It is always kinda challenging, sometimes I just mumbling for myself. Some views/subjects cant be captured. Not as I want. I guess some just have to be there. But I want share that view/subject. But the only way is to take the person there and point...

    I think it is fun, but sometimes I just get frustated. My lack off skill just cant capture it. Sometimes the light just go away before shutter is pressed. This just results that maybe 20% off my photos go down into the trashcan on my computer.

    One thing I learnt. Dont give up. If you want to nail the view/subject, dont be afraid to come back and shoot it again.

    My hate love subject right now is a big church and they do construction right beside it. I love the contrast in the scene. I been shooting that same place for like 7 different occasions. But no keepers. But then I still going there. Looking for my photo.

    One thing for sure, it is really hard to take photos. I learn every day. Sometimes I even go back a few steps often because I try so hard.

    I just think the whole process is like life. Sometimes it is just love at first sight, betrayal, joy, happiness, depressing, anger and so on. I go for a large amount of emotions when I take photos. Those rare moments when just feel damn I really nailed it as I want. The feeling is unbeatable and I go around with silly smile of joy on my face for hours.

    I just love this. To slow down and look. Twist a moment from every angle and light. Just spend time to wait for the right light is just so calming. Watching it all with new eyes, with meaning..

  2. Daniel,
    You are not alone. We have all faced the same challenges. The main thing is to keep trying and to never think you have learned everything.

    Study the light very closely. Lighting will make or break an image.
    My best shots have always been with early morning or late evening lighting.
    Looking forward to see some of your images!
  3. Sunesha


    May 3, 2007
    Malmoe, Sweden
    I think you are right, at the moment the sunrise in the southern sweden is about 05.00 (05 am). I actually think I will try to get up early. Also beeing one cranky guy at the mornings. I will have to get up. So tomorrow the clock will be set for 04:00. Maybe I am lucky and meet the street sweepers. Which gives maybe a nice mood for some shoots.

    I ponder alot. I really hope that I get it.
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