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Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR' started by Kevin Scott, May 5, 2005.

  1. If I may be so bold, I’d like to ask for advice from you seasoned Nikon veterans.

    I’m considering two different options concerning Nikon cameras but not sure what’s the wisest thing to do. Please see my New Member Intro posting for addt’l background info.

    My intentions are to become more serious about my photography and become a “professional”. My primary focus will be portraiture; however, I also have an opportunity to make some money doing event photography (cheerleading). Additionally, all other types of shooting are for fun but with some ideas of making money with them as well. My primary requirements are resolution for portraiture (including small to medium groups), focusing speed and accuracy, and durability. This has led me to the following crossroad:

    Option 1: Get a D2X which will satisfy all of the above requirements with possibly a D70s or D100 replacement as a backup. My concern is noise levels, but only regarding the event photography. Recently, while practicing, I noticed I needed ISO of 800-1600 with f2.8 glass. The lighting is primarily spotlights within an arena setting. I was using a Fuji S2 at 800 and 1600 and they were pretty clean.

    Option 2: Get a D2Hs which from what I’ve seen may handle the event photography noise issue but doesn’t quite cut it for the portraiture/groups photography. But then my concern is what to do for the resolution issue. I was thinking maybe a used Kodak SLR/n or Fuji S2/3. I’m familiar with the shortcomings of the Kodak and Fuji but they’d be used primarily for studio work.

    Money is the limiting factor as ideally I’d like a D2X/D2Hs combo but that’s a bit out of reach. So I guess I’m looking for 2 things: reassurance with Option 1 or suggestions for a secondary body for Option 2.

    With many thanks for feedback, comments, suggestions or guidance,
  2. Hi Kevin,

    I'm not sure how seasoned I am but I'll shoot my mouth off anyway. :)

    This past winter I did alot of girls volleyball with my D2H. This was for my daughters' middle school teams. Most venues had incredibly bad lighting requiring ISO 1000 to 1600. (I'm not sure if the D2Hs allows the 1/3 ISO adjustments like the D2H the D2X does not) long story short perfect WB and exposure is required on the D2H at ISOs above 800. High ISO prints up to 8 by 10 look very good. Miss the WB and exposure by more than -2/3 and you're looking at a mess. The D2Hs is supposed to be a stop better at high ISO than the D2H.

    Score one for the D2Hs.

    Depending upon how large you want your studio shots the D2Hs should produce good looking enlargements to 13 by 19. My D2H does. I wanted to go larger than this so I bought a D2x. I can't answer the how the D2X does indoors in bad gym lighting as I've not tried it yet. I have tried ISO 1600 under good lighting and found it to look much better than the D2H under the same conditions.

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    Jan 30, 2005
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  4. Thanks, guys, for your feedback. It really helps.

    I've seen the comparisons and samples by Ron on the D2Hs and that has helped the comfort level in considering that camera.

    Just wanting to make the wisest decision considering the cost of the equipment. Too many choices....
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