Selling on Amazon...perseverance furthers

Dec 3, 2012
Sandpoint, Idaho
I've been selling books and camera gear I don't need or want on Amazon for a few years. Generally it goes ok, this is one case where the train left the tracks. I have this little 40.5mm Marumi CPL I used with my Nikon 1 lenses and no longer need it so I list it for sale on Amazon in January 2021. No big deal. In April I get a note from Amazon that they've deleted my CPL because it contains pesticides. I reply to the Amazon message letting them know they are incorrect, my little CPL is a couple of pieces of glass inside a metal ring that screws into the objective end of a camera lens and it has nothing to do with pesticides. I go back and forth with them 4 times, filling on various web pages they want filled out, each time telling them are wrong. I also asked them for an explanation of how something like this can happen. They won't give an inch. It's late May, I've got some time to kill so I write Bezos a polite note explaining this situation and wishing him a happy retirement. Fast forward to early June, now the messages from Amazon all reference "Your email to Jeff Bezos" and they're looking into my problem. After a couple of these, I send them a links to various CPL filters they have listed on their site and explain mine is just like these and has no pesticides. We got this resolved two days ago, I was able to list my CPL for sale again. I never got an answer to how something like this can happen, In hindsight I should have dropped it, this took more than 3 hours of my time and even at the deplorable minimum wage here in Idaho ($7.25 hour) I will not be compensated if this little CPL somehow sells. I should add, the last person my problem got handed off to was helpful. He/she spent a couple of weeks investigating it, concluded it did not involve pesticides and was able to pull the strings behind the curtain for me to list it again.
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Dec 7, 2005
So wait . . .
When do you need a CPL? When it's bright and sunny outside.

What do you do when it's bright and sunny? Slather on sunscreen which has been recalled for cancer causing chemicals. reference

What else has cancer causing chemicals? Pesticides.

Makes perfect sense. :)
Jun 1, 2009
Texas (KSKF)
No, never tried that. I'll take a look.
Camera and half-case purchased from Etsy...


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