Semi-palmated plovers

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Allan, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. For about a week in late August the most common bird on the local beach was the semi-palmated plover. They were making their way south and stopped here to get fat. They have left on their journey, except for a couple of stragglers.



  2. photogramps

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    Great little birds, you've captured them well in that excellent light ... #2 with the coloured seaweed I find very appealing :)
  3. #1 for me
  4. Always enjoy your plover shots Allan, another beautiful set.
  5. Well taken shots, I like them.
  6. Fabulous as always. Keep 'em coming!
  7. Love the colors Allan. First image appeals to me.
  8. That is the style I like - clean foreground and background.

    I included that because it works for me here, though I usually look for areas like 1 where there is nothing but the bird.
  9. Thanks Louie. They are fun birds to watch moving around. I usually wait till they stop because with my setup it is hard to follow them when they are moving quickly.

    Thanks Gordon.
  10. Thanks. I wish. :) They are gone till next year.
  11. Thanks Reggie - how are things in your neck of the woods after Irma?
  12. Thing are good here Allan, we had no damage to the house at all, just some leaves and tiny branches in the yard. We dodged a big bullet on this one. I hope the eagles nest fared as well.
  13. Excellent. Are the "Palmated" Plovers twice as big?
  14. Palmate would mean toes connected all the way with webbing.
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