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semi portable?

Discussion in 'Apple/Mac' started by LDB415, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. LDB415


    Apr 26, 2008
    I own a small fleet of OTR trucks and drive one of them. When I leave the house I'm gone for several weeks and then I go home for a few weeks. I'm debating whether to go with a MacBook or a 20" iMac. My wife works for the school district so I have access to the education pricing for whatever I choose. I know there are carry cases made for the iMac and since it would only move from home to truck or vice versa about 10-12 times per year the bulk and weight shouldn't be a problem. I'm not sure about standing up to the dust and vibration riding around in the truck though. Another option would be to use the Mini and plug into the 15" flat panel the truck has for dvd's etc.. Any and all thoughts and comments are appreciated.
  2. If you already have the screen in the truck I think I would go for a maxed out Mac Mini.... you can buy special converters to switch the supply to a truck battery, and you can install it out of sight and out of mind..... With the iMac I would always be worried that someone would see it and maybe break in.

    But then again I know nothing about trucks....
  3. LDB415


    Apr 26, 2008
    I would keep it pretty out of sight when not in use. I thought about the mini as perhaps the most portable option of all. I'd carry it to my house when home and if I kept a second set of cables, kbd etc. there would only need to carry the unit itself. I'm just not sure if I'd wish for more "horsepower" than it provides, even when maxed out. I put together maxed out units as far as ram, hd, processor etc. and got the following:

    mini $1114
    macbook white $1540
    macbook black $1650
    macbook pro 15" 2.4ghz $2095
    imac 20" 2.66 ghz $1835

    I'm curious if you get something with the macbook black other than color for your extra $110. The most bang for the buck seems to be the 20" imac. I have no idea what it weighs. Another point in favor of the mini since every pound of my stuff is a pound less of revenue potential.

    Thanks for the input. Hopefully there will be more.
  4. I know it the most expensive thing on the list... But if i were you, i would go with the MacBook Pro. It has the horse power and the size. It gives you about the same power (minus the .2ghz which i don't think you will notice) and the screen size, but it is easier to hide, carry, and use because you don't have to carry around the Keyboard and mouse.

    Thats my $ .02
  5. LDB415


    Apr 26, 2008
    The 20" imac not only has the .26ghz faster processor but also a 750gb HD in place of the 250gb in the macbook pro. If I cut it back to a 320gb drive the price drops to $1700 making it $395 less than the pro. I could buy a second keyboard and mouse to keep at the house so I only had to drag the unit itself back and forth. I wish the mini would allow 4gb of memory and a couple of other steps up. It would likely get the vote then. It's still tempting, as is.
  6. Jeff Jarvis

    Jeff Jarvis

    Sep 10, 2007
  7. fivegrand

    fivegrand Guest

    My logic goes like this:

    Laptops are made so that they can be beaten a little bit, take more vibration, get shuffled around a lot without failing. They're made for portability. That would make a person naturally tend to gravitate toward one of those for your purpose.

    - BUT -

    Your cab is shocked and bagged. Plus if the sleeper is big enough that you've got a 15" monitor in it for a dvd player, vibration is going to be almost nothing. The mini can be mounted on an air pad if need be, but I doubt it would need it.

    Use the most of what you've already got - that, to me, means go with the mini - avoid redundant equipment and save weight. You won't be nearly as worried about it growing legs like you might be with a laptop.

    Something that I wonder about though is your concern about power - how much power do you need? How much high-intensity work are you really going to be doing when you're logged off on rest time? We all want hot rods for sure, but will you make use of it when you're on the road? Just something to ask yourself and answer honestly. :) 
  8. LDB415


    Apr 26, 2008
    I probably don't even need a maxed out mini. I need to use my usb aircard to get to the web and be able to use Excel and Word for business purposes. I would want to run Aperture or something similar so I could play with photos some too but would not be a "power" user. This thing is definitely not smooth when compared to a car but the unit would be powered off when I was driving.
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