Sensor/dust/cleaning issue

Mar 8, 2009
florida's east coast
I recently bought a used...14,000 clicks...D300. At f/5.6 or wider there are no visible issues. At f/8 and stopped down more this dust appears. This was taken at f/18 to illustrate the dust. There were three other visible flecks that I got rid of using a rocket blower. Question...should I used stronger, compressed air to clean out the remaining dust or get it professionally cleaned?


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Nov 14, 2005
Winter Haven, florida
DO not use routine compressed air.
Look up wet cleaning- I use a combination of the copperhill swabs and lenspen sensorklear. Sensors will get dirty, learn to clean them yourself. Sometimes I can go months without cleaning, sometimes I get a big juicy piece of something one day after she was as clean as can be. Remember, you are not actually cleaning the sensor, just a piece of glass/filter covering the sensor. If you can chew gum and tie your shoes at the same time, you can do it.
Do you have anyone local that can show you- if not drop over to winter haven and I can show you.
Feb 28, 2011
Aberdeen, WA USA
As already stated learn to wet clean your sensor, it's easy...

Sensor Cleaning Video

Dust on the sensor is common and all part of digital photography... Cleaning the sensor is not
a big deal... Paying a shop $35 or more for a 2 minute job is equal to over $1000 dollars an
hour for a task you can easily do yourself...!

The most important thing is to only use the swab "once" in each direction... Don't wipe it back
and forth repeatedly as you will just be redistributing any contaminates picked up by the swab
and could easily streak or even scratch the sensor if it's picked up anything abrasive like fine
sand... If you must repeat the cleaning use a brand new swab...

The cleaning fluid evaporates almost intantly and leaves no residue itself... Be sure to blow off
any dust before wet cleaning WITH A ROCKET BLOWER...! They are cheap and are specially
valved to not suck in the dust you just blew off the sensor and blow it back... DO NOT BLOW

I normally deal with this place for my lens filters and cleaning products... They are cheaper than
the manufacturer and shipping is free on orders over $22... The pre-moistened swabs are great
to just carry in your bag...

Filter Connection:

How to find the correct size swab:

Hope something here is helpful... :smile:

BTW, ALL sensores have either a lowpass (AA) filter or a clear filter to protect them... You
are NEVER cleaning the bare surface of the sensor itself... :wink:

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