Series from the Rally of NZ (LARGE POST)

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  1. A series of shots from last weeks Rally of New Zealand. This was on shakedown day (testing) and Harry Rovanpera had just hit a fence post (approx 6 inches thick). As you can see very little damage apart from a broken steering arm. He stopped right in front of me :lol:

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  2. Nice series of shots, Simmo! All 3 lenses did well, but if you've presented them sequentially, you made quite a few lens changes over a short period in very dusty conditions.
  3. Yep

    Hi Frank, you are right. Used 3 different lenses to try and get some different shots. It was very very dusty so I walked away, waited for dust to settle and then changed. I figure thats why you buy an SLR and I know people who are afraid to change lenses but I think just do it and take the shots.

    I was expecting some dust bunny's and had to clean the ccd today after taking some sky shots yesterday. Took 3 swipes to clean it fully :?

    Thanks for the comments, STu
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    Jan 30, 2005
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