Sex Workers at the Tiger Bar, Patong, Thailand 2004 (img)

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    Sex Workers at the Tiger Bar, Patong, Thailand 2004

    Nothing quite prepares one for the sex industry in Patong. It's very sad to say the least, and vast in scale. Sad to see these young women trading their bodies for money; sad to see the often old men from the West looking for women - often I suspect more for company than actual sex.
  2. Nice image and commentary Peter. It is sad when you think about it.
  3. Re: Sex Workers at the Tiger Bar, Patong, Thailand 2004 (img

    A striking picture, Peter... one that gives pause. I'm not sure your commentary is accurate, though. The girls... make that the children... aren't selling anything... they're victims who have been sold, often by their parents. And the real commodity isn't sex... it's their innocence. And the "old guys"... they aren't really buying sex. They could have bought that at home without travelling 10,000 miles. They're trying to buy the Fountain of Youth. I've seen the same dynamic here, when successful, aging businessmen dump their families and buy a young trophy wife. I don't thing it ever works. As Harris said, this is very sad stuff.

    Btw, I'm enjoying your series from Thailand, but it's awkward picking them out from 9 different threads. Are you aware that you can insert more than one picture in a post? Grouping them would make them easier to see, and wouldn't push all the other topics on the board to the second page.
  4. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Great posts, interesting topic.

    Your whole Thailand series is kinda 'Rough Guide' like. You have caught a bit of the bare underbelly of the place and photographed it so well.

    Please continue to amaze us like that!
  5. Peter . . .

    . . . looking at your images always involves a lot more than just looking at images.


  6. Chris . . .

    . . . I love what you've done with your . . . head!


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