Share your photos and save the coast?

Jun 14, 2006
Montara, California
I struggled to produce a version right for all audiences. I gave up and decided to go with both versions--take your pick!

Short version:

Join our Flickr group and help save the California coast from overdevelopment.

Montara Fog (, a new,non-profit video/photo centric publication will launch on June 1st. We will be prominently featuring our Flickr Photo Group.

Your photos will be viewed by thousands of local residents and people from all over the world.

Check us out. Share your photos so we can keep on sharing the beauty of the coast.


Darin ([email protected])


Long version:

On June 1st I’m launching a new web site--Montara Fog ( I need your help.

Montara Fog is a photo and video site centered on the beautiful and at-risk stretch of coast running from Pacifica, just south of San Francisco all the way to Santa Cruz. This is a very special area partly due to its amazing scenery and partly due to the small town culture that still prevails, despite being a few minutes drive from a major metropolitan area.

It contains the towns of Half Moon Bay, Montara, Moss Beach, El Granada, and Pescadero, among others.

It has survived in large part because of the very scenery that makes it so attractive--the mountains have made it difficult to reach this quiet area and so development pressures fell first on areas “over the hill.” But development pressures are rapidly increasing here--a tunnel is being built, a highway over the mountains is being widened.

Now, back to the photos and videos.

Montara Fog is dedicated to using photos and videos toward two interrelated goals:

1) To provide a sort of glue for the community so that it can see itself as a single community with shared interests.

2) To make the community and the world at large more aware of the “specialness” of the area so that preserving that “specialness” might take on a more important role vs. the powers-that-be who won’t hesitate to pave the coast and build tract after tract of monster homes and beige condos.

To do this we will be featuring photo and video-centric articles about the Coastside and we have established a Flickr group dedicated to sharing reader photos.

Before June 1st I need to get the Flickr group rolling--if you are interested in the Coastside area or if you live here please consider joining our group and helping to preserve the coast.

I’ve put a few of my own images up as a test. All levels of work are welcome in the Montara Fog Flickr Photo Group--professional work in the group will only serve to underline that serious people take the coast seriously. I’ll also be accepting submissions of projects (videos, slideshows, photos sets, etc) for regular publication--please contact me for more information.
Go to to join...

Questions? Contact me at [email protected]


Darin Boville
Publisher. Montara Fog

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