She stole a dollar...and wouldnt give it back HA!

Discussion in 'Other Animals' started by [email protected], Sep 8, 2008.

  1. She grabbed a dollar off the night stand and took off! LOL she was chased for a good 10 minutes before she was cornered in a room, and then still she was not giving it up with out a fight!

  2. Well why would she give it up...
    She worked real hard for that Buck... LOL...
    BTW.. Great shot ....
  3. she sure the end that buck was split in two LOL it sure was entertaining though :smile:

    thank you.
  4. Nice shot!

    Are you missing any money? Gotta be careful about leaving any $$ bills laying around for this little thief.:biggrin:
  5. thanks....yeah she loves napkins, tissues or anything like that and i happened to have one lonely buck sitting on the night she jumped on the bed, grabbed that dollar and took off with it LOL i learned my lesson!
  6. Good capture!

    We lost a $20 bill last night... totally shredded. I have no idea where Belle took it from and neither does the wife. Oh, well...
  7. hahahaa! i would care alittle more if it was a 20 LOL
  8. she should have held out for a 20....
    even a dog can't buy much with a buck, anymore :biggrin:

    nice shot
  9. AgilityIG


    May 13, 2008
    LOL - great shot!!! It's so funny what these guys do!!
  10. yeah it trips me out. heres a blurry crappy picture i snapped when she 1st got that buck she wanted so bad.....


    hahahaaa....that lil rascal!!!!!