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Shooting A "Jeep Show" Tomorrow...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PAFirefighter11, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Any recommendations? Camera setting adjustments (White balance, etc.), flash settings, etc.. I've shot a LOT of car shows before, but figured I'd see if anyone has helpful tips/tricks. This is going to be used by my company, so a little pressure is on my shoulders here.

    Weather is supposed to be 97*, feel like 110* (Excessive Heat Warning in effect) and bright sun all day long. I'll be shooting a variety of images from moving vehicles on off-road courses, to people working in the tents, to the static vehicle shots and much more.

    Thanks in advance :) 

    EDIT: Photos here:
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  2. BrendaC


    Sep 24, 2007
    My husband LOVES jeeps. Where is the show? I'd appreciate any info. Thanks.
  3. Jeromy


    Mar 19, 2008
    lots of water, and seek out shade as often as possable. I used to be an avid jeeper, but before i had a real camera, always had a p&s, so no real tips on picture taking. Just follow the action, series of rigs rolling were always fun to look at. Post up some pics after!
  4. Thanks for the reply.

    I work for a company called Quadratec and we are sponsoring the show :) 


    Definitely check it out! I'll be walking around with my g/f and some others, wearing a light grey Quadratec t-shirt with my camera and backpack lol. Also borrowing a fisheye lens from a buddy. This thing was made in Belarus, Russia haha.. It rocks.
  5. Jeromy


    Mar 19, 2008
    my wallet used to hate that company :biggrin: I used to get alot of my jeep stuff from them. Now it hates B&H even more lol:eek: 
  6. hmmmm
    i don't have any advice (sorry)
    but, i sure can't wait to see the results... good luck
  7. The show was GREAT. Hot as hell.. literally. 98* and humid. I think I was dehydrated as I had the absolute worst headache of my life Saturday night.

    Photos are uploaded.. but as most of you know Smug Mug is down/up/down/up/down .... so I can't really link to anything right now :( 

    Jeromy: Sorry about that haha.. try working there! Honestly, since I've been working there I've started to really dislike Jeeps :(  It's a horrible thing. I love them at the same time though, I can't really explain it. I work in the Photo Studio there and absolutely love my job!
  8. tintingkc

    tintingkc Guest

    I know that story all to well. :biggrin:
    Atleast the Nikon does't break as often as the Jeep.
  9. I hope it makes you Quadratec customers happy that I recommended a D3, but we ended up purchasing a D300 as the D3 was on backorder at that time. We also use some other sweet gear.. listed/not listed in my sig :) 

    We do shoot two Canon's, though (not me personally) for our eBay items (20D) and some Jeep events (10D).
  10. Jeromy


    Mar 19, 2008
    sounds like a really fun job!

    I havent been to a easter jeep safari in a couple of years, but Quadratec usually had a booth in the vendor show. Did you attend that? Awsome times.
  11. It's actually one of the few jobs I've had that I've truly loved :) 

    I've not been out to Moab with the crew. Typically we have two or three main guys that head out there. I'm not "important enough" (yet) to be invited to bigger events like that. Our head photog was invited to SEMA, but turned it down. I'd love to go :( 
  12. SEMA is great,if you get a chance go.
  13. Added a link to the photos now :) 
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