Shooting in New Jersey

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  1. What are you shooting in New Jersey ? I looked on internet and found the following. Any other suggestions ?

    Forsythe Wildlife Refuge
    Great Falls
    Green Sergeant's Bridge
    Historic Greenwich
    Island Beach State Park
    Lockwood Gorge
    Oswego River
    Princeton University
    Tillman Ravine
  2. Add these

    Grounds for Sculpture, Trenton (This is a must)
    Delaware Water Gap (Especially in the Fall)
    Steam train excursions south from Phillipsburg.
    The Pine Barrens (from a canoe on one of the many streams)

  3. I will add the
    Lakota Wolf Perserve
    Cape May NWR
  4. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    Maybe a few urban spots to consider...

    Newark along Broad Street
    Perth Amboy on Smith Street and on State Street
    Carteret in the Chrome District
    The old Erie Lackawanna Station in Hoboken

    Maybe a bit more bucolic...

    The Delaware-Raritan canal along the Delaware or in Rocky Hill
    Back roads in Hunterdon county

    A few older towns...


    How're those for ideas ?

    John P.
  5. sfoxjohn


    May 1, 2005
    Marlton, NJ
    I've gotten here late, but

    Chatsworth and surrounding area - cranberry harvesting in Sept.
    and Chatsworth cranberry festival in early October


    and Batsto Village

  6. For the flower freaks among us...

    Reeves-Reed Arboretum

    It's open the second there's light in the morning, and doesn't close until there's no more light in the evening, meaning you can shoot in any kind of light you want. Flowers are incredibly accessible for shooting.

    Leonard Buck Gardens and then click on "gardens". Somewhere between Reeves-Reeds flower and landscape intensity, and how a normal arboretum would be. Opens too late for my tastes, though, and closes too early. And sometimes is closed for no apparent reason, which really fries me.

    Great Swamp and the areas around the national park there. They have excellent birding blinds set up, although subject to the schedule of birds that live in the wild - meaning, show up mid day and you'll be very, very alone. Great swampy stuff (duh) and trails. Nearby there's the Raptor Trust which has orphaned and injured raptors being nursed back to health and wild release. On the edge of the Great Swamp park is a breeding area for herons. We're talking 10 or so trees that are densely nested. The viewing area is quite far away, they have telescopes for people to use, but if you've got 600-800mm worth of lens, you can get some really nice shots.

    And for more info about NJ sites:
  7. CraigH.


    Feb 1, 2005
    Northen NJ
    A few more
    Delaware Watergap National Recreational Area. wildlife and scenery. large tracts of unpoild land. worth a look on bothsides of the river. PA /N.J.

    Skylands Botanical Center in Ringwood. impressive azalea and rodo collection in spring. perenials and anuals in summer. bring your macro lens. some beautiful architecture.

    the Red Mill in Clinton. yeah its a cliche but it makes nice photos. Best to get there in the a.m. maybe get a nice shot with some morning mist. Do not go there in the afternoon /evening, it will be backlit and in shade. not good for this particular scene.
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