Shooting Track events

Aug 27, 2006
The Garden State, USA
My favorite subject (read daugter) is starting her spring track season this week. She runs the 800m and of course I will be there to shoot the races. What tips/advice can you give me to get better results?
Many thanks,
May 25, 2005
I hesitate to post, because I'm about as far from an expert on Track and Field as one can get.
However, it would help to know what equipment you have.
A good zoom, or telephoto would help, along with a monopod.
I would position...ahead of the runners, and try to shoot them as they run toward you, rather than from the side.
Also try to capture tight shots of the runner. Then maybe get some wider shots, showing the field, and the race.
Watch the horizons, and backgrounds.
Fast aperture and fast shutter speed.
That's about all I can say on this. Sorry if it isn't much help.

fictional math

i wouldn't be afraid to try shooting her from the infield (side view), just slow the shutter speed down and pan with her as she runs past. this can produce some fairly dynamic results.

also, don't forget to position yourself for the finish to be able to grab the expressions as they cross the line and after (after can be just as important!).

don't be afraid to practice and experiment on the other races as well so that you're primed for the 800m.
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