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  1. an alternative to my 18-135 for walk around use? The 18-135 has served me well but I continue to read rave reviews about the 35-70? Or should the 28-105 be considered as an alternative. My use is strictly casual in nature - walking around town - or in the back seat ov the car in the event I stumble across a moment I would like to capture.

    I am not unhappy with the 18-135 - but I have developed an awareness of the drop off in sharpness vis-a-vis my MF lenses within that range.

    Thanks, Gordon
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    Apr 29, 2008
    Honestly, I think with all the primes you have the 18-135 is a great all purpose lens. If you need a low light lens for the back seat use that 50 or even the 35. I have a 35-70mm f/2.8 D that I love for portraits and I recently picked up a 17-55 which has been stuck on my camera since I got it. But for those quick moments I think the 18-135 is a great performer. Don't let NAS bite you!!!!! :)
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    i think u need a d700 ...;-)
  4. The 35-70mm f/2.8 lens is sweet. If the focal length works for you and what/where/how you shoot then it's a great lens. I love mine and it never lets me down.
  5. I agree with Robert that the 35-70 2.8 is a very nice lens. Of course I bought it used and didn't pay too much for it. I don't know what it goes for now or if it is still available. It is versatile and reliable. It seems to give me more pleasing shots than any other lens I have in my small and limited collection.
    Here are a few taken with it.
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