shutter count on D300?

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  1. How can I tell what the shutter count is for the D300.
    I have looked on CS3 but cannot seem to find anything.
    Any Ideas.
  2. You can use Opanda or IrfanView
  3. Getting EXIF # of shutter actuations info through PSCS3:

    Alt + Shift + Ctrl + I, then click on advanced, then click on the plus sign in front of this:

    It will be under: Aux:ImageNumber:xxxx

    If you want to look at a JPEG, find your photo in Adobe Bridge first, and open the image from Bridge. Then do the above the same way.

    EDIT: I stand corrected, I could not get it to work on a jpeg, but works ok on a NEF.

    Or, do what Joe posted above.
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