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Discussion in 'Other Cool Gear, Camera Bags, Camera Straps' started by Scott Sherman, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. Well first let me say, 41 to 38, talk about a nail biter... Congrats to you Texas folks!!!

    Anyway, I have decided to keep my B1 since RRS has pretty much taken them off the map. It is still a great ballhead and I am glad I have it, but since I won't be able to get much for it, if I can even sell it at this point, I am going to just add a sidekick. I already have purchased the RRS replacement foot for my soon to arrive 200-400 VR and would greatly appreciate seeing a photo of the 200-400 with a RRS replacement foot on a Wimberly Sidekick. I am just wondering how far off center this foot makes the lens over the center of the head attachment. I remember reading a thread in which someone said they have this combo but could not find it, so if you have it and would be so kind, it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Well never mind. After chatting with one of our resident experts on the gimbal setup, Bill Dewey. I have made a decision to go with the new Wimberly version II full gimbal setup when it comes out. So foot compatibility is not longer an issue. I can use the RRS which I have already ordered and in the event I ever do decide to get a bigger lens than the 200-400, I'm all ready.

    By the way, for anyone interested, I think a great alternative choice is the Jobu line which Bill has and really seems to enjoy using. It was a tough decision to make as both are very excellent choices.

    I will return with my review as soon as I get and have a chance to use it.
  3. Scott, I would have stuck with your original set up B1 ball head, wimberly replacement foot with the sidekick. Can handle it like a piece of cake. Worked beautifully with the 500mm and it is sweet!!!!. Same set up for Ron R...... I tried it tonight with my new 200-400mm and its a beautiful thing. 200-400mm is smaller than the 500mm, less weight. overkill is one thing..................but your money :biggrin: Sounds like too late to send pics.........

  4. Hi Keith,
    I actually recieved my new 200-400 lens. WOW, this is really something. Amazing piece of glass, I must say.

    I have not purchased any new support equipment, except for the RRS replacement foot. If I get the Wimberly Sidekick, will the RRS replacement foot hold the lens too far to the side so that it is not centered over the mount point of the head to the tripod? I have read somewhere that the same foot is used on the 500 as on the 200-400 and does not affect the alignment of the 200-400 too much since it is smaller. Is this accurate?

    If you have pictures, I would love to see them and appreciate it.

  5. Scott, congrats on getting the lens. This Sidekick Compatibility Page from Wimberly lists all of the adapters as well as which lenses require them. Note that the 200-400 shows the requirement for the AP-553, and guess what? That IS the replacement foot from Wimberly, so if you go the Sidekick route, the Wimberly foot is the way to go.

    Thanks for the nice comment above :wink: , I'll send you a Bill........

  6. Bill finally, ta da :biggrin: :biggrin: had to get that in, the nice guy that I am. I see your enjoying your D200, looks great!..........

    I am downloading the pics as we speak. With kirk photo replacement foot it is off centre with the sidekick.......

    see pics shortly.......

  7. Good morning Scott

    I did as you asked, I took some pics this morning and will post them here for you. Took a bit so here we go..........

    The Kirk photo replacement foot is much taller than the wimberly foot which is very tight to the lens putting it more centre over the tripod. With the VR I honestly dont think this will make a huge difference. I just got this lens so i will test it out tomorrow and if it really bothers me, I will order the same wimberly replacement foot that I had on my 500mm af-s that Dave is now shooting. I hope this helps and what you were looking for!

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    I will probably post this on the other thread..........
  8. Keith,
    Beautiful job of illustrating the relationship between the lens, the foot, the head and the . Thank you so much for all your effort and time. That really shows exactly what I wanted to see. With the Kirk foot, do you get a sense that the setup is wobbly or might have a tendancy to lean toward the off center weight? It looks like the Wimberly foot would be the way to go for that setup.

    What would be perfect is if someone else might post a comparison image showing the Wimberly replacement foot with the sidekick and/or a full wimberly rig for those of us looking to invest in a gimbal setup to make a completely informed decision.

    Thanks again, that is great.
  9. Hi Scott, your welcome!

    Being that the Kirk replacement foot came with the lens, Im not going to replace it! It is sturdy, no it is NOT wobbly by any means or tend to lean. Understand it is off approx an inch approx, and considering how wide the 3 legs are on the Gitzo and the weight it can old, its an anomoly. Plus I can carry the lens holding the leg :smile:

    Having said that, and knowing how anal I can be. If I didnt have the replacement foot already, i would have ordered the wimberley replacement foot, lower the centre of gravity, secondly to have it centred over my tripod and thirdly for my lens hood to fit on lens reversed (500mm only) 200-400mm will reverse with all of the replacement foots ;-) ) Im pretty sure with the Kirk the lens hood would not fit on reversed due to the large gap.

    hope that helps.................. should have asked before I shipped the 500mm, had the wimberly replacement foot on that lens but I think Dave is using a different gimbal set up.

    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 7, 2006
  10. Scott
    I got the Wimberly foot so the lens sits over the center of the balhead when using the sidekick and have had no problems
  11. Hi Keith and everyone else who has contributed. I am almost ready to push the button on the B&H site. You know the instant gratification button that says... "buy now".

    I have the wimberly sidekick and wimberly replacement foot in my cart. I am going to wait a bit more, to see if someone will be so kind as to post a picture of their wimberly replacement foot on their 200-400 on a sidekick.

    Thanks in advance

  12. Why not just order directly from Wimberley.. They offer a 60 day trial offer on their gear.. i.e. you don't have to pay for it unless you are going to keep it?

    Also the wimberley foot has a significantly smaller gap between the lens a foot.. more litke 1/2-1 inch gap.. sits the lens more over the ball head instaed of further away.. supposed to help stability...
  13. I actually did try to call them, but they are not accepting any calls right now while they are preparing for their new product roll out. I left a message and they have not called me back.

    It might be a good way to go if I could get to them.
  14. PUSH THE BUTTON!!!!!
    NO SURPRISES WITH WIMBERLY AND SIDEKICK PERIOD!!!!! make the call and get it over with
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  15. DONE!!!

    Thanks for the push Keith, I needed that. Now will you be there for the landing?
  16. Well they are only open eastern time and tey do have a 800 number..

    Not sure about keiths problem with Wimberley. Every time I have called the in the last two month I always got someone to answer the phone...

    You know it is a better deal to do the 60 day trial, since if you don't like it you can just send it back no charge..
    If you order from BH you only have 14 days and it has to be in excellent condition or appear never used to send it back..
  17. Well, I ordered the sidekick and the wimberly replacement foot along with a Gitzo 1325. I will know within very short order when I get it which I like best. In the meantime, I will call RRS and request permission to return their replacement foot. They are actually very good about returns and exchanges. I will hang into it until I have both feet in hand and can compare the two.

    That should pretty much ultimately answer that question. I sure hope Nikon stops coming out with new stuff for awhile, I don't think I can keep up this pace much longer.
  18. Keiths problem with wimberly :confused:  Im not sure what your refering too, Wimberley equipment is excellent. Scott got the right stuff, no pun intended!!!
  19. Absolutely buddy, and if you dont like the foot, I will buy it from you :wink: then I will sell the Kirk foot that came with my 200-400mm VR :biggrin: But I guarantee you will not give it up! :smile:
  20. Okay Keith, I suspect that the Wimberly replacement foot will be the preferred foot of the two. The RRS foot makes a great handle for a relatively heavy lens which is a nice feature and it is made quite well. I paid for 3-5 day shipping so I should have it before the end of the week. If I do decide to keep the RRS foot, I will let you know, if you are still interested.

    Actually, I can't blame you for my pushing THE BUTTON. I went to the Wimberly website ( http://www.tripodhead.com ) and found that the new full wimberly head will not even be available until March (if then). I am way to impatient for that kind of a delay. Plus the sidekick seems to be just what I needed. It is more compact and lighter than a full wimberly setup, thus cheaper (always nice) and I already have an AS B1 which I will still use with other lenses also. Even though the combined weight of the B1+sidekick equal the full Wimberly, they can be packed individually which makes them more convenient to pack and carry.

    And lastly, indecision is for wimps. I am a "Just Do It" kind of guy (I think?).
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