Sidelit Daisies [3]

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  1. Not sure if these will appeal, I found them quite interesting as an off camera flash lighting experiment.

    #1 - Flash from below and left shooting up into the petals of the flowers. The see thru effect of the overlapping petals adds quite a nice quality to this shot for me.


    #2 - The leading, in focus petals are rendered close to shadow here, with just enough colour definition to make them part of the arrangement. I liked the play of bright white, very dark, and then the normal tones of the other petals behind.


    #3 -

    Just trying to have fun here :)
    Kevin - Photos 'n Prose:
  2. #1 is really super Kevin. Very nice series as always, though I miss the poetry...
  3. LOL Rich! Will try to get back into that soon :))
  4. Hovmod


    Aug 11, 2008
    Very nice.
    I thought you misspelled 'satellite dishes', but you had indeed spelled 'sidelit daisies' and I like them better anyway. :lol:
  5. thanks tor :)
  6. #2 is my favorite, nice lighting.
  7. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    I like #1 but love #2... not sure I am fond of the composition of #3.
  8. Thanks Phil, just playing around with some flash there :)
  9. thanks there Linda!
  10. #2 is superb. Nice use of the aperture.
  11. kevin,
    i think that these are great

    like watercolor paintings
    very well done

    thanks for sharing
  12. Kevin these are so creative and lovely. I do like them, very much. The first one is my favorite, very subtle color and pleasing over all.
  13. thanks again everone! Most kind of you all.