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Sig 150-500, D300 full size shots (link)

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Mattes, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Hi there.

    I know that some of you are considering the Sigma 150-500 mm.

    May be it helps to see some full size, uncropped, unprocessed shots ?

    I uploaded some here: http://www.pbase.com/mattes/sig500

    Everyone is invited to look, download, postprocess ... these images, if interested.

    I hope it'll help somebody ...


  2. very nice, mattes

    it would be great if you could pick out your 5 or so favorites and post them DIRECTLY HERE...
    more folks would see them and comment
  3. FWIW I just sold my Bigma to a guy that was very unsatisfied with the 150-500. So much so that he returned it and bought my Bigma saying nothing with the new one was sharp.
  4. tektite


    Jan 23, 2006
    SE NH
    FWIW: This is a photo that I took with the Sigma about a month ago. I like the lens but it has a learning curve.

  5. that's a great shot, gary
  6. tektite


    Jan 23, 2006
    SE NH
    Thanks Greg. I think some people give up on this lens too quickly.

  7. Hi Greg.

    Usually, I show my pictures here in a reduces size - not everybody has a large screen and huge bandwidth. But small sized photos are not suitable to build an opinion about a lens, I think.

    For this reason, I loaded some shots onto my pbase-account and stated the link here - so everybody can choose the size, can download and "play" with the files.

    Of course I will show my shots as well directly here in the future.

    Gary, your shot is great. I totally agree to the learning curve you described. A fellow photographer and good friend of mine has the 170-500 - given his experience, he got a lot of really amazing shots from this not very amazing lens. With the new 150-500, his shots are remarkably better.

    I hope to gather this experience in the time to come. I'm yet getting better results this weekend than the weekend before. The learning continues ...

    Kind regards,


    Until then, and to keep Greg happy:
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    View attachment 238112

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  8. RayLarson


    Mar 27, 2007
    Pawtucket, RI
    I have the Sigma 150-500OS and am very pleased with it. It does have a learning curve but for the money I think it's a great bargain.
  9. tektite


    Jan 23, 2006
    SE NH
    I like the photos. Keep shooting ! !
  10. I agree 100% with that statement. My first outing with the lens had me second guessing my purchase. But I decided to give it time and learn it's nuances and I am very happy I didn't give up on it. I have used it with both a Sigma 1.4x tc and with an extension tube for "macro" shots. I find that the OS works fantastic as I don't want to always have to use a monopod or tripod with a lens of this long of a focal length.

    My extension tube is actually the Sigma 2x tc with the optics unscrewed from it, so it still meters correctly. They came loose and I realized how easy it would be to unscrew the optic group (a self contained unit) from the tc body and use the tc body as an extension tube. I can easily re-install the optics if I decide I want to use it as a 2x tc, but I generally find the image quality is not that great when using any lens with a 2x tc.

    Here is a link to the set on flickr using the Sigma 150-500mm. All shots were taken hand held:
  11. PeteZ28


    Oct 5, 2007
    Newtown, PA
    Thanks for sharing these. I'm considering this lens and the more full res, unprocessed shots I can see, the better!
  12. acolo63


    Aug 11, 2008
    Santa Cruz, CA
    Can you please explain more about the learning curve...any suggestions?
  13. TheCommons


    Jul 2, 2008
    LA, CA ;)
    Ahh.. I have seen some extremely soft photos taken with this lens but everything there is excellent
  14. Hi.

    As stated before, a good friend using the 170-500 (and therefor trained in handling 500 mm) got better results from the starts. Now, a few days and some 100 shots later, I'm beginning to keep up with him.

    The keeper rated increases constantly ...

    Handling a lens of this lens needs some training. I'm shooting from a monopod unsually, because the extremely narrow field of view makes if difficult in windy conditions. Up to 300 mm it's no real problem to me, but beyond that, even OS can't help that much (not talking about trembling, but about slight movements).

    After some hours with this lens, you get used to the panning speed for flying birds and the field of view you get while zooming in or out.

    I think, many people give up to soon, are disappointed and post blurry images. In some cases, I'm sure it's the photographer, not the lens.


  15. tektite


    Jan 23, 2006
    SE NH
    Sig 150-500mm +Sig 1.4 TC on tripod. Atmosphere turbulent when pic was taken.

  16. The best solution with anything like 500mm, especially panning, is the full wimberley head on a sturdy tripod and then practice, practice and then practice somemore. And as a rule I would not use a TC on this lens. TC's would slow down this lens WAAAAY too much and the quality would be questionable, plus the AF would become that much slower.

  17. JohnK


    Aug 6, 2006
    Pacific NW
    I think I'm getting better with the Sigma with each outing too. Shooting at 500mm takes a lot more discipline than 300mm, and OS doesn't lock in as quickly as VR does.

    This was my moon shot last week, a bit of noise reduction and sharpening, shot from a tripod. This week I'll try it with the Kenko 1.4.

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  18. gregDT


    Apr 27, 2008
    London UK
    Sorry hijacked this thread and then thought better of it and started a new one. Appologies
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 31, 2008
  19. I love my Sigma 150-500.

    Here are a few pictures from my backyard.
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  20. topblade

    topblade Guest

    hi there ..thank for the feedback ..

    if have the choice between he 150-500 and the 50-500 whitch one do you think i should pick ?
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