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Sigma 150-500 Bird Shots

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Pastorbbc, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Got this lens today -- so far I'm on the line as to keeping the lens. Shot handheld at 800 ISO -- it was late evening -- so I'll try again in bright sun tomorrow.

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    View attachment 223221

    View attachment 223222

    I think they are all at 500mm bird shots have been cropped. All have been PP with sharpening.

    What do you think
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  2. The third is excellent.

  3. myork

    myork Guest

    That butterfly has seen some hard times...
  4. I agree with Randy. The butterfly shot looks over processed, the first shot doesn't look to bad. Did you use a tripod? I was thinking about purchasing this lens.
  5. The crops were about 50% -- the butterfly had the sun directly behind it's tattered wings.

    I did not use a tripod. These were quick a dirty shots late in the evening. I'd just gotten the lens and wanted to see what it would do. I've not been overly impressed so far.
  6. thrdprophet


    May 13, 2007
    Modesto, CA
    Let's give the lens sometime, it is still new. But we can agree that the 50-500 isn't all that great. I have seen some good shots from the 150-500. Let's wait and see more shots of this young beast.
  7. DW Brewer

    DW Brewer Guest

    At the risk of "hijacking this thread," I must interject here that I use five Sigma lenses in my business. My clients have no objections at all about the quality of images I produce from these lenses. Like all manufacturers, there are great lenses and some not so great in every lens manufacturer's lineup.
    I agree with the above post: give it time. Besides, most of us image with what we can afford, not necessarily with what we might wish we had. I don't think the original poster had any intention of opening this post for a diatribe on the quality of any particular lens lineup.
  8. general


    Apr 30, 2005

    Don't blast all the Sigma telephotos/zooms until you have tired the 300-800. I love mine.
  9. DW Brewer

    DW Brewer Guest

    Sorry Randy; but as a former teacher, I find your comments far from meeting any accepted criteria as "feedback." To be accepted as feedback, the commentary must contain the following components:
    1) An indication of what behavior, function, result, etc. is less than satisfactory; and
    2) 0ffer a remedy or solution to the perceived deficiency.
    Under no circumstances does "ouch," "double ouch" or a stated opinion about Sigma telephoto lenses meet any of the above criteria. They qualify as opinions only, and while you are certainly entitled to your opinions, don't be guilty of masking same as legitimate feedback. I am going out on a limb here somewhat, but the Moderator of this forum is also an educator (Wade: Commodorefirst), and I trust my commentary about requisite components of feedback will meet his approval. You are correct: "...there's no need to take an attitude." Constructive feedback mitigates the potential for attitude; blatant, unfounded opions promote same.
  10. What thread was the RayLarson photo taken from? I don't see it in this thread. No offense to Ray but if that's the best that lens can do at 500mm I just took that off my wish list.:eek: 
  11. he deleted it as i will also...we all post stuff we regret latter and I should have never posted my rude 'double ouch' comment.....
  12. DW Brewer

    DW Brewer Guest

    In a PM I received today, Ray Larson deleted his photo and indicated he has decided not to participate further in this forum. It is a Black Day for Nikoncafe.
  13. well i sure hope i didn't cause ray to quit the forum
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  15. RayLarson


    Mar 27, 2007
    Pawtucket, RI
    Thanks Kevin,

    The Osprey shot I had posted was to show the lens under the worst possible conditions. Harsh sun, extreme distance and handheld. Under normal conditions the Sigma 150-500 is a very good lens for it's price.
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  16. Ray,
    you are quite welcome, I do believe after years of doing photography that technique is of vital importance much more than "name brand" equipment. keep up the great work.
    Kevin P.
  17. sjlarue


    Nov 18, 2007
    David, I'm not able to see the images is there a flicker problem?
  18. But, why would one show off a lens in the worst case? Any lens can have images look bad if used incorrectly or under bad lighting. I would think one would want to show the best the lens can do. IMHO.

  19. I agree, especially for a sigma lens that appears to be the replacement for the 50-500....i did see one good shot from this lens over in the LL forum but I still think it's just a rewrapped 50-500.....
  20. at the risk of starting another flame war...
    do you really think those are 'nothing short of excellent' ?
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