Sigma 20mm 1.8

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by fuss, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. I hear a lot of talk about the sigma 30mm 1.4, any thoughts on the 20mm 1.8? is it a decent wide prime? I saw one in new condition for under $300, sound reasonable?

  2. General consensus is the 20mm f1.8 is a decent performer, but the 24mm f1.8 is even better, For sharpness, light fallof, everything.

    I almost bought one at 315$ CAD, but decided the 30mm f1.4 is what i truly wanted.
  3. I used to see a fair number of post on various forums about the 20/1.8, 24/1.8, and 28/1.8 and which of three was the best. They all get votes. Mine was slightly soft wide open but very sharp from 2.8 to f8 and I loved the close focus capability. I sold it because I used the 12-24 much more often and, frankly, think its better at 20mm than the 20/1.8. I also have the 28/1.8 which I like very much and can recommend highly. I can't speak to the 24/1.8 having never used it, but I suspect it's well worth the price.
  4. That price is quite good. I purchased one for $330 or so on Ebay. It's my NY Subway underground lens.


    I also use it above ground for low light


    I think the lens is quite good; the photographer otoh is just adequate :tongue: