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Feb 14, 2020
Hey Guys,

I got some recommendations from here about lenses which come close to the human eye... I'm getting closer now but I'm still a bit struggling...
I want to do street photography and im looking now closet between the 50mm Nikkor and the Sigma 35mm. The lens will be used on my D7000 and now I wonder if the 35mm which also fits on full format cameras would be much superior than a APS-C Lens with 50mm

I'm aware of the cropping effect I'll get on the 35mm lens... Still I wonder since the 35mm sigma was so hyped if it would suit my need regarding the cropping effect.

The budget is not the issues... I just want the best shots possible with a crisp picture.

Thanks for your advice :)
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Aug 15, 2011
If budget isn't an issue, you'll absolutely want the art series Sigma lenses. None of the Nikon 50mm lenses are what I would call sharp. I've owned every iteration of Nikon's AF 50mm lenses trying to find the holy grail of Nikon 50's. Unfortunately, Nikon doesn't have one. All AF-D's, all AF-S's, all AF non D's, all 1.4's, all 1.8's, the Japanese made versions, the Chinese made versions.....all are very close in image quality. Useable but in no way stellar performers. The 1.4G AFS is barely the best optical performer of them all but with the slowest auto focus of them all.

Get a cheap eBay 50mm 1.8d (or non D version) and the 35mm 1.8G DX. Use them both and figure out which focal length you like better. Sale both then get the Sigma Art version of the focal length you like better.

A little side note, the inexpensive Nikon 35mm 1.8G DX is easily my sharpest lens and it works fine on full frame with a little vignetting fix in post. Easily sharper and better corrected than any of Nikon's 50mm lenses.

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