sigma 70-300 macro shots

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  1. I took these with my Sigma 70-300 APO yesterday, These are my first real dslr macro shots. Getting used to how to manage DOF is going to take some time as well as calculating focus distance limits when setting up on a tripod. You can only use the macro at 200-300mm range.


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  2. cajunrose

    cajunrose Guest

    Wonderful pictures! I haven't mastered the 70-300 on macro quite yet. I'm very dissappointed but I suspect it is the user and not the lens. I'll keep up the work. Your pictures encourage me greatly. If you have any advice I'm all ears :)

  3. Thx Stephenie, I cant give to much advice other than just keep trying, I am going to take a lot more shots this weekend with it and if I learn anything I'll let you know. Here are two more shots, my first bug which I couldn't get the focus correct on, and my daughter.


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  4. Yvette


    Jan 3, 2007
    The first one is beautiful. So sharp.
  5. cajunrose

    cajunrose Guest

    Wonderful shots!
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