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SimpliSafe Home Security System

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by dburanich, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. We have an older security system that came with our house 14 years ago when we bought it.
    We just never signed up for any type of monitoring service.
    There is a company I can have come in and reprogram it and check everything out and they will monitor for $14.95 per month on a one year contract.
    In my research though I came across a newer modern system called SimpliSafe.
    SimpliSafe: Home Security Systems
    Seems quite interesting. All wireless. Uses the strongest cell signal available to call police.
    Monitoring is $14.95 per month with no contract.
    Installation is very easy to do-it-yourself.
    Has anyone had any experience with this system and is it worth the initial investment?
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2018
  2. I use it. It's cellular based and the system is portable, so you can bring it with you to a new home, office or business. I pay a yearly fee to the city for about $30 for some security certification and then pay the $14.95 monthly. I have no issues, it works as advertised!
  3. Thanks Jonathan.
    One thing I have not been able to find out from their site.
    If you set the alarm and leave the house the motion detectors are on obviously.
    If you set the alarm from inside the house and go to bed, are the motion detectors disabled so you do not set them off if you wake up in the middle of the night?
  4. Another positive experience here.
  5. There's two settings: Home and Away. If you set to <Home> you can customize which sensors are activated. <Away> will activate all sensors and motion detectors. You can also control your alarm system using the smartphone app.

    Also take into account that police response may vary. Even though they respond, it might not be right away, hence making sure windows and doors are properly locked. Also the most common and simplest way most criminals break into homes is usually by just kicking the door in. The fastest response time for the police to arrive is 5-10 minutes, but by then your place has already been ransacked. Also most burglaries occur during the daytime when people are at work, not so much at night. It's also a good idea to monitor local crime mapping to see what kind of crimes have been occurring in your area.
  6. Thanks.
    Between the replies I have gotten from both you and Don I think I'm pretty much sold on the system. The disabling of the motion sensors was a big thing for me when home at night.
    I wasn't able to find any reference to that on their site. I am more concerned about safety while at home. If they break in when I'm not home I have insurance for that so they can take whatever they want. One of my neighbors is with LAPD SWAT. He has mentioned to me a few times to make sure my wife locks the doors when at home. He said many criminals walk up to your door, test the door knob to see if it is unlocked. If locked most times they walk away but its an easy check for them to make a grab and dash.
  7. The system is quite customizable, you can even secure one room if you want. Also I've dealt with SimpliSafe customer service and they're easy to deal with. No issues at all. If there is an issue, it's that depending on how many sensors you want, the price does add up.
  8. I don't envy you guys that have to pay for home security. We have none and often leave the house unlocked with nary a worry.

    But the nearest camera store is 50 miles away.
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  9. I don't leave my door unlocked ever, even when I am just walking down the sidewalk a block-and-a-half to our mailbox kiosk or running out to my car in the parking lot for a moment. I can't imagine leaving one's door unlocked all or most of the time.......Wow, must be nice!! IMHO that just is not a good idea where I live, in the close-in suburbs of Washington, DC!

    In the townhouse where I lived prior to moving to this condo community, I had a security system installed after my husband's death and when I was all alone in there -- being hearing-impaired and especially being concerned about being on the second floor at night for sleeping added to my feeling of wanting some kind of warning system or protection. Oddly enough, moving here to the condo community I didn't feel the same urgency about installing any sort of security system and so far I have not done so, although a couple of neighbors have. I am on what would be a fairly easily-accessible level for anyone who wanted to break in through the bedroom windows, but so far that has not been an issue in any of the buildings in this complex, which is good to know. At any rate I have used good old common sense as far as keeping doors and windows shut and locked when necessary and not tempting fate......
  10. rcooper

    rcooper Subscribing Member

    Jan 12, 2008
    14.95 a month will add up fast.It's up to you to decide if it's worth it.
  11. I was paying $33 a month for a system that required me to have a land line phone. I switched to Simpli Safe and cut my cost in half. The system works great. I have entry door sensors, motion detectors, fire alarm, siren, keypad and the base. Motion detectors can be used to cover a whole room rather than sensors on each window. If you just want an alarm you can buy the system and not sign up for monitoring. The system will function as an alarm without notifying the police.
  12. Thanks Dave.
    I didn't realize you can use it without monitoring.
    In most cases those breaking in will leave very quickly once they hear the alarm.
    I haven't heard of very many cases where the police actually catch someone inside the house once they get there.
  13. Our alarm system was wired when the house was built and the monitoring is probably triple that cost. I’ve been looking at the Ring system but will now compare to SimplySafe. Thanks for the info.

    As an aside, I’ve become very sensitive to monthly “subscription” services. I’ve been working my way through them and eliminating where I can. Example, our alarm system has video cameras that is an additional monthly fee on top of the monitoring. I’m replacing them with my own system and dropping the service from the alarm company. I may drop the alarm company in favor of Ring or SimplySafe due to the reduced cost of their service. I’ve already dropped Dropbox in favor of Synology Drive on my NAS. Right now I’m watching the conversation on DXO PhotoLab2 to see if Adobe is next on my list of subscriptions to cut but seeing Pa’s comments on the costs, Adobe may make the cut. Looking at my credit card bill, the number and amount of monthly, recurring charges can add up really fast.
  14. socrdude


    Jun 5, 2009
    I would love to find a non-monitored system .. as we live in a very safe community with 4 security cameras around the HOA area. (Town homes) But would like to have a NEW, non-monitored system as I do not want to pay a monthly fee.
  15. We don't leave doors unlocked on purpose when we are away, and we do lock up at bedtime. But we have left doors unlocked accidentally many times. In fact, a few weeks ago I found the front door ajar several inches (there is an inner door to make an airlock entry). Based on the last time we had been out that door it must have been like that several days.

    But I can certainly understand that one must be much more careful in highly populated areas like DC and its suburbs.
  16. I'm right there with you Tony on subscriptions. I do not use any software that that requires a subscription. One of my son's recommended the ring system. I'm still looking in to that one but I think a subscription may be mandatory with it so I'm leaning toward SimpliSafe right now. Let me know what you end up with on the security cameras. I have used the Logitech WiLife system for many years. It transmits over my home power lines to a USB connection on my PC. I have an external USB drive on my PC that the video records to. It has served me well but it is old technology. Only 720 HD.
    If you do a lot of online shopping, be careful for sites that say "want free shipping click this box" If you read the fine print which most do not, by checking the box you agree to be a member of their preferred club for $14.95 per month. A total ripoff. You receive nothing except discounts on futures if you order from them. My wife has fallen for that one a number of times but she's more in tune with it now after having several hundreds of dollars added to our credit card bills needlessly.
  17. socrdude


    Jun 5, 2009
    we live in a pretty safe area, but that definition is changing all the time these days.
    we have an older system on our home, not monitored ADT, but they will not service it, nor upgrade it without a monthly monitor fee unfortunately
  18. I enjoy SimpliSafe’s flexibility, which allows you to easily tailor your security system exactly to your needs, including monitored and non-monitored.
  19. I believe in security contingencies. If someone really wants to break into your house they will. You just have to make it harder for the 99% of other would-be trespassers. I'm all for locked fences, alarm systems, motion detection lights, security cameras, fence spike strips, u-locks and harden steel padlocks and keeping track of all shady characters in the neighborhood. Also you can use your landscaping as natural barriers for entry like trees, spiked bushes and other plant decor. The key is still making your home look inviting to regular people, while making it an unattractive target for thieves.

    Living in a big city makes you a bit more aware of your surroundings! :D 
  20. You forgot a few: mines, snipers and boiling oil, to name a few :D :ROFLMAO: :LOL: 
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