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  1. This round split ND is too limited and am considering a Cokin type mount and Singh Ray. Now my question is how are you folks protecting these sheets of glass? I keep my rounds in a filter case thing on the strap on my bag. I used to use a filter pouch but the plastic overlay was outgassing or something. Filters were always covered in haze. They can rattle around all they want and have the added protection of the metal ring.

    Not sure how to protect essentially bare glass in a camera bag or backpack without going to extremes.

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    Apr 15, 2006
    They aren't glass but plastic. They come with a little carry case for storage. I use their grad NDs.
  3. Glenn,

    Same here...the pouches they come in are fairly well padded. If you are really concerned that the pouches won't quite be enough protection, pop the pouches in a plastic container within the bag. Personally, I think the pouches are fine.

  4. Thanks guys. I am sure that will be good. I would never have guessed they were made of plastic for some reason.
  5. Lee Filters make several different filter pouches for the 4 X 4 type square/rectangular filters. I use one that holds three - I only have two, and keep the Cokin Z-Pro adapter rings for different diameter lenses in the third slot. I'm not sure where I found it, but I think it was from
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