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  1. You can't get off that easy, what "technique" are you using; i.e., mode, flash setting, bounce, white card, etc., etc. I have found that iTTL works quite well but it doesn't give you full control of background so I am experimenting with AA setting with camera on manual which gives me better control of background (light/dark). I too have a wedding coming up in three weeks and I am scrambling around trying to refine my "technique." Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.
  2. Very nice Frank!! :D :D
  3. OK, I'll walk you through my current approach... but it's still pretty rough.

    I don't want shots where the subject is well illuminated, but the background is black, like this.


    So the first thing I do is evaluate the available light, and adjust the ISO so that, with the aperture
    I'm going to use, the background won't be more that a stop darker than the subject. In the case
    of this shot, I used ISO 800, and haven't applied NR to the results.

    View attachment 7425

    I spot meter on the subject's face, and use iTTL mode on the flash. I'll reduce the flash power by
    as much as -1.0ev, depending on how close I am to the subject. I always use the diffuser
    dome, and put the flash head at something around a 75% upward tilt.
  4. Thank you Frank that helped a lot. I do like the 2nd image and the lighting looks very natural. Good job.
  5. Thanks, Dawg 8).
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