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Size of D90 compared to a D300

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by ob_3, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. does anyone own both ?
    I was wondering what the size difference was in the 2 bodies ?? I can not saeem to find either of these cameras in stock or on display at any of the chain retailers out there to get a hands on..

    does anyone have a pic of them side by side ?


  2. I don't have any pictures to show you, and couldn't find any on the web, but I bet they are out there.

    I have fondled one in a Best Buy store. The D90 is just a bit bigger and heavier than the D40/D60, maybe a tad smaller than a D70, though slightly heavier. It is significantly smaller than the D200 (I don't have a D300).

    D200: 830gm

    D90: 620gm
  3. To look at them side by side, the difference does not just jump out at you. Yes, the D300 is roughly 1/2" wider, and slightly taller, but this isn't painfully obvious without measuring them with calipers. Once you pick them up however, the differences are no longer subtle. The D300 is MUCH beefier and feels stouter in the hand. I'm basing this on my D80 compared to my D300. I'm assuming the D80 and D90 are practically the same size and weight. Some rough measurements without the grips on each. The D80 is 5.22" wide while the D300 is 5.82" wide. The D80 is 4.15" tall while the D300 is 4.43" tall.
  4. thank you gentlemen
    i havent been able to find any comparison pics of the 2... i have a d50 with grip now and love the extra beef the grip gives..
    I want to make sure i am happy with the feel, i am not worried about the pic quality

  5. Just curious, but if pic quality is not a concern for you, then why would you be interested in upgrading? BTW, pic quality of both should be pretty much identical since they both use the same sensor.
  6. i think that came out wrong by me...
    i meant to say i am not worried about the quality of the pictures coming out of either the d90 or the d300 since they share pretty similar,if not the same 'guts'... not my d50.

    i am doing a lot more portrait work for friends and family and a lot of them want larger prints, the 12+ mpixels will be welcomed
  7. Held the D90 for a bit tonight. It's around the same size as the D80, although to me it feels beefier somehow. But pick up a D300 or D700 and you immediately feel the heft difference, as well as the difference in layout and controls, as well as the build / materials difference.

    You know though, nothing we can say in this thread will replace holding them in your own hands... keep shopping till you find them.
  8. Sam O

    Sam O

    Jul 24, 2007
    The D90 will be roughly the same size as your D50.
  9. thanks SamO
  10. hubsas

    hubsas Guest

    size of D90 vs d300

    Hi I own both
    The D90 is slightly bigger and heavier than my previous D40X
    With the 18-200 lens the difference is not significant
    I will use it as a travel combo, and the improvements over the D40X are worth the little extra weight wich is very noticable compared to the D300

    Have fun
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  12. loudtiger


    Sep 6, 2007
  13. Ive owned the D80 and now have the D300. I put the grip on the D300 about 2 months ago and it feels just great!!! My hands are not big and I can easily hold the D300 w/grip, in fact, when I take the grip off it feels like a toy!!!

    I think if you try the D300 with the grip you will love how it feels. Half the time I dont even have any batteries in the grip....I would buy one just for the additional mass and feel!

    my best and good luck,

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