Skagit Flats Raptors 05/07/2005 - ID Confirmation Please

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Retief, May 8, 2005.

  1. So after we left our GBH we continued on down to Fir Island. Found nothing, nada, zip, zero at our 2 first stops, so we of course went to the Reseve where we ALWAYS see an Eagle or two, and what do we find? Well, as we pull in we see one small raptor of some type, too far away to ID fly by and disappear. What the heck, we get out to walk and suddenly our friendly Harrier comes by:

    Hunting Harrier #1:

    Hunting Harrier #2:

    Gear Down:

    A Harried Harrier:
    The Black Birds were in a bad mood today....

    This is the bird that I would like an ID Confirmation on. I was torn between Coopers and Sharp Shinned Hawk, but in Sibley's it shows that wing on the Sharp Shinned is pushed forward, where the Coopers is flat along the leading edge. This bird was quite a long ways away, and I did a rather poor focus job, darnit. Thanks for any help on the ID.

    Sharp Shinned Hawk:
  2. Beautiful shots!!!
  3. Hi Bill.

    Great shots. I would probably go with the Cooper's Hawk, but its tough to tell with tail in that position. I believe Cooper's will feed on both mammals and birds whereas Sharp Shinned feed primarily on birds. My avitar is a juvenile Cooper's that I took in Vancouver BC.
  4. Thanks, Bryan. I just wish the danged birds would come a bit closer, like another 100 yards or so :lol:
  5. Thanks. This darned bird was a long way off so this is cropped quite a bit. I have another that I will work and post in a bit which is the image that made me decide on Sharp-Shinned. It was mostly the leading edge of the wing, as the tails are so darned close.
  6. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Great catches Bill. Sorry, but I can't help with the ID. I love the one with the RWBB chasing the raptor. We see that behavior here also. The small birds are trying to protect their nest presumably.
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