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Skagit - Short-eared Owl, Snowy Owl

Discussion in 'Birds' started by Retief, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. Went out this morning with Jim and Olga to look for the Snowy Owl. We found the Snowy Owl, but it was a long way off, Jim got a shot or two, but I stayed behind when this little fellow showed up:

    Sitting Pretty:

    Coming at you #1:

    Coming at you #2:

    I also have some Harriers and some more Short-eared Owl's that I will post later, once I get through them all.

    As you can see from the EXIF, this is November in Washington, and while we had some peek-a-boo sun it was mostly 'boo'......:wink:

  2. nice capture Bill. Is this a barn owl?
  3. Great shots Bill! I have never seen one, hope to soon!
  4. Nice shots Bill, look forward to seeing more.

  5. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Way to go Bill. Very well done. :smile:
  6. Those are just terrific - have a very "Robert Bateman" look about them, with the colouring, etc. Love the third one!
  7. That's good stuff right there Bill, owls of any kind are quite possibly my favorite subject!

    Thanks for sharing :cool: 
  8. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Great job my Friend.
    I love owls.

    That guy is gorgeous. The tree stump, branches are perfect.
  9. Good shots Bill.

    After seeing these, Jims and Louie's shots from the Skajit Valley I need to get up there.

    That is right after I get much longer glass. Soon I plan.
  10. Thanks, Dave, this is not a Barn Owl, it is a Short-eared Owl. The Barn Owl is a bit larger, but the most obvious difference is the coloration. The Barn Owl is much lighter in color, the face being almost pure white. The Barn Owl also has darker eyes. One very nice thing about the Short-eared Owl is that they are less nocturnal than other owls, so you can see them out and about hunting more often during the day. Both the Barn and Short-eared have that distinctive concave look to the face.
  11. Thanks, Andreas, I imagine that these are somewhere up in your area as well. These were taken in the same general area we used to go together, just a bit further out a dead-end road. My guess is that this will be one of our standard stops on our drives through the Flats from here on out.
  12. Thanks, Louie, I'll pop up Part-Deux later tonight or tomorrow. Mark your calendar for the 17th of December. Word has it that a few of us will be heading North, and your name came up :wink: .
  13. Thanks, Frank. I saw your post in Jim's thread about not seeing these, or other owls. Check around, per Sibley's they are on the East coast as well, except for the bottom 3 states, and I'm sure there are some owls indigenous to your area. One really tough thing with catching these little buggers flying is that they are really fast, and they fly more like a moth, darting about, rather than nicely soaring in a stately manner like other Raptors.
  14. Thanks, Sandi. Those 3 shots are part of a 4 shot sequence. I liked the first one better than #2 and since the bird had not taken off yet, I didn't bother posting it. I agree with you, something about the wings in #3 is just, well, "interesting" to me, as well as the sort of "hunkered-down" expression.
  15. Thanks, Brett. They sure have cool "expressions" don't they?
  16. Thanks, Gale, I agree with you. This whole area is just full of stumps and drift wood, all we needed was more sun and 70 degree weather instead of 30 :rolleyes: 
  17. Hey, Ron, don't let the glass worry you too much. Drop me an email, let me know what you do have, and if my 120-300 is available that will do in a pinch with a TC. Or there is always the old Glazer's Rental route you know :wink:

    Stay in touch, my guess is that several of us will be going up that way a couple of times a month or more between now and March/April for sure.
  18. Bill,

    Just sent you an email but my PC hiccuppppped as it was submitted. Not sure if it got out or not.

    EDIT.... never mind, just got your reply.

  19. Very nicely done very well doen trackign him flying towards you msut be such a thrill
  20. nice action shot of the take off.. looks like he went a huntin...
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