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Skinless Paris ;-)

Discussion in 'Wanderlust and Travel' started by Candidcameraman, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Museum of Natural History - a real treat and I really like this 19th century museum - extremely interesting and a few random Paris pictures as well

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    My Superior Officer... errr Significant Other... I mean my Girlfriend... :biggrin:

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    Peace out

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  2. Great stuff, looks like to had the museum to yourself!

  3. Cool shots in the museum looks like you had nice even light. I love museums, I could spend 200 Gigs in one:smile:

    It is amazing they can dedicate so much space for skeletons?

    Neat reflections in the cycle mirrors, what was the subject?
  4. Stephan54


    May 13, 2006
    Another thread in a series of very good Paris shots. Enjoy looking at them.
  5. TX

    Thank you Ted, there was a lot of people actually - just that I am patient and often wait for the people to move out of my frame before pressing the shutter.

    Thank you - they have two floors of skeletons - that was how museums where built in the 19th century with a lot of hands on displays and collections - not elaborate thematic displays - I actually like this type of museum more than any other - really impressive and instructive.

    This reflections in the mirrors were just a drug store sign which was in the background - I seem to have started a collection of motorcycle pictures captured in this manner... for some reason. :rolleyes: 

    Thank you :smile:
  6. patrick...
    glad to see this thread
    beyond the museum content... you never show us enough shots of your S.O., and the reason for your prolonged parisian stay

    she is beautiful
    you are both lucky to have each other

    thanks for sharing
  7. Thank you Greg, about my S.O. I show a lot of pictures of her, she is actually in most of my threads from Paris:

    One word to sum up NikonCafe: Community on the second page for this one...
    Paris 2008 it is a start
    More from Paris
    24-70/2.8 does Paris
    70-200/2.8 does Paris
    35/1.4 AI-S does Paris

    :biggrin: I was actually hoping someone would catch up to it - Frits probably did as he met her a couple of times :wink: I just never point it out that she is my girlfriend - I thought she really looked great today - specially that she stole my red shirt for the day :rolleyes:  Nah... She just looked happier than usual today - we do spend a lot of time together - yesterday and today she came to museums with me. Today she asked me if I wanted her to come, I asked her in return if she wanted to come... She got ready real fast and we took off - we had a good afternoon - I love my time with her.
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  8. hmmmmm
    not sure why i just figured that out
    i'm glad that you 2 are happy.... that makes ME happy
  9. Wow, talk about a museum of the macabre! I'm off th bed in about 3 hours and hope I will be able to forget those scenes before trying to sleep!
  10. Dude, the first one is really magical. Really great contrast, color and detail used to tell a magnificent story.

    It reminds me of the warehouse that stores the Ark of the Covenant in two of the Indian Jones movies.

    Interesting juxtaposition of your girlfriend and the subject matter of the background. She still likes you? :biggrin:
  11. LindaZ


    Jul 29, 2007
    Wilmington, NC
    An army of skeletons! It's difficult shooting in museums and make it interesting. Well done.
  12. Dr A

    Dr A

    Feb 2, 2008
    State College, PA
    These pictures are really good. I'd love to visit that museum sometime. Probably more than anything else in Paris LOL.
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