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Discussion in 'Birds' started by sommer, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. Just kidding :)  It's my puppy, Trixie. But if you lean in realllllllly close to your monitor and sniff, you just might smell it on her!

    Yes, not one, but TWO of my three dogs got skunked yesterday morning. To say I'm not a morning person is a gross understatement, so imagine my joy when my husband woke me up at 4:45am yesterday to tell me that the dogs had been skunked, and, oh, by the way, his carpool would be here in 10 minutes.......leaving lucky ol' me to clean those stinky canines all by myself. Sloshing around in a peroxide bath, on the back porch, in my pajamas, at 5am was not an ideal way to start the day!

    Luckily it wasn't a bad skunking, so the dogs required only one bath each...remind me to tell you about the time the puppy actually killed a skunk just outside an open window of our house :wink:

    So, here's Trixie. Her nose still smells strongly of skunk, and she's been moping around because of it, but criminy, you'd think the dog would learn to leave those critters alone!

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  2. Sommer, I feel your pain. Once as a kid, I got sprayed by a skunk at close range. Man, that's potent stuff! I think my mom suggested tomato juice to counter the smell. If I recall, the clothes were thrown out.

    Glad all is well now! :) 
  3. Sommer -

    Sorry about the situation, but thanks for sharing it with us so we can all feel fortunate that it wasn't us! I've always thought that skunks were tangible evidence of God's telling us that a "big stick" is not the only effective means of defense in this world.

    Maybe Trixie has learned her lesson...

    By the way, nice job on getting a picture of her that still holds detail!
  4. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Poor Trixie. She looks like she's very penitent. :lol:

    Great narrative and excellent shot though. :wink:
  5. Oh the poor dogs(and you), that is the worse smell. She is a beautiful dog.
  6. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    OMG....It's the AVON lady come to visit.

    Help give me a 55 gallon drum of TOMATO juice, Please someone.

    You poor soul
  7. Sorry to hear Trixie got sprayed by the skunk. It is not pleasant for the dog or the owner.

    However, this to shall pass.

    Our little pup (a scoodle) got sprayed three nights in a row a few years ago and boy she was very stinky. We tried tomato juice, mayonaise, and some thing the vet gave us called "Skunk Off." None of it worked. Well "Hannah" did like the tomato juice.

    An old rancher told us to buy "Odors Away" and we used one drop, and she had the sweet smell of bubble gum until the skunk smell left.

    Hope the smell goes away fast.
  8. cknight


    May 2, 2005
    Madison, AL
    I feel your pain Sommer. My dog hasn't been skunked. But it seems like I pass a skunk roadkill about once a month going to/from work.
  9. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    I've never been skunked, but like Chris, I do pass skunk-roadkill from time-to-time...But this morning I got stink-bugged!!!! I was picking cucumbers and okra in my garden and didn't notice a major group of them......ugh, talk about gagging! I will be very careful when I go back out tomorrow! At least it comes off w/soap and water.

    Nice shot of Trixie...she does look rather penitent doesn't she?
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