Skylum Luminar 4

Jul 13, 2005
Newcastle, Washington
I've been using the trail version of Luminar 4 and so far very impressed with the a few of the features, sky replacement being the best. I'm not sure it does anything that PS can't do. Not ready to purchase it yet, not sure how much I'd use sky replacement and AI enhance, those being the two features I like best.
Sep 16, 2005
Auburn, Washington USA
I tried Luminar 3, did not like the Digital Access Manager operation. They came out with Luminar Flex as a stand alone L3 editor only, no DAM. Flex worked fine for me except it did not know where the file came from if I called it from an external DAM. It was passed the file, but did not use the source location. To export the results I had to drill down the file system to the location. Trying L4 as an external editor, edits fine, but they still do not process where the file came from. Other external editors do however.
May 1, 2006
That really surprises me. Even if I open a text file, the software I use to edit it automatically saves the edited file in the original place from where it came.
One of more annoying of the perennial issues with basics I was alluding to in my first post.

This and similar quirks have always been in Luminar and despite incessant requests for what you would expect to be a simple fix, they simply ignore the calls as they would rather dream up yet more half baked gimmick features.

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